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@umbrafeline said:

because its not available at my local dealer

Plenty of places to get comics online, including the aforementioned Amazon. My favorite by far is HeavyInk since it's very easy to set up or end subscriptions and shipping is $0.99 if you get at least 3 comics or 1 trade shipped in the order. (I have no local comic shop.)


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To the people saying Lobdell 'gave in' and retconned the changes in, Lobdell had been saying since issue 1 that he had a plan to have an issue explaining the backstory and that people needed to wait and see what happened with character development instead of overreacting.

Of course, a lot of people that liked issue 1 predicted that things would be explained and the people who hated it would just say Lobdell caved in and changed it, so it's no real surprise.

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@victoriancuckoo: He's one of the people who, on the DC forums, will blatantly ignore what is said in the comic to support his argument. In this case, he is taking the words said as exact written truth as opposed to a joke at Roy's expense.

Kori has no memory problem, as said by Lobdell himself in interviews and as implied by Kori making a joke about it. It's probably not something she would joke about if she DID have a memory problem.