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@deathpoolthet1000 funny enough I've been off for about the same amount of time. And yes, I realise underwear is serious business. Especially if you wear it wrong. Backwards g-strings are no joke...

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@wishiwassuperman: Shazam has always stood for Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, Atlas(Or Apollo in some versions), and Mercury. It's a codeword that relates to his powers.

Yes, it stands for their names - my point is/was that it was the Wizard's name even in the original comic, and also it was the Wizard who granted Billy his powers - he never met all the gods, which it seemed you were suggesting earlier. Also, as far as I know this hasn't been changed (the acronym part), but on that count I could be wrong. They haven't really gone into yet in the new 52, now that I think about it - he doesn't even really know what his powers are yet, at least not fully.

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@sanohibiki said:


I am sure some one is going to blame Man of Steel.

... or Doomed event.

Or The 52.

Or the fact he isnt using his underwear.

^ this made me lol....

On a serious note, I blame the writers for being lazy. Majority of them aren't creative enough to generate a feeling of genuine conflict and tension for Superman, without relying on crappy plot devices (mind control or kryptonite for example). In some ways I think Superman should leave Earth, as they have a better opportunity to really mess with him off planet. Instead of always putting Earth and/or Metropolis in danger, they can really make an effort of him being in danger, and create genuine tension.

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Better... ;)

The real question is - why does anyone have the time (or motivation for that matter) to draw these pictures? Is there nothing better they could be doing? Mysteries of life I guess......

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@ohnos said:

@wishiwassuperman: I was making a joke at the end, think about having to fight off all the men in the showers with a broken arm. But yeah, I left some points out because I was making a quick post here, I didn't mean people could actually be exactly on Batman's level of strength and abilities, but a watered version(basic) is possible.

Ah - gotchya.

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Batman easily,Joss said it best. Batman tries to be the best at everything,Superman is already the best at everything and I'll leave it at that,anyone with half a brain can see it,brainless morons will continue arguing about money,power levels and martial arts.

I have to disagree. First Batman is shown to be "the best" at all sorts of things, even when it makes no logical sense. Secondly, Superman isn't "the best" at "everything", not by a long shot and is flawed in many ways. Also if you compare their behaviours to real people, Batman is in a minority - technically someone a psychiatrist would love to study and would probably have locked up in a sanitarium. The only thing that statement alludes to that is accurate is that Batman had to develop into what he is capable of, while Superman is a result of genetics.

Technically this is just another "demi-god alien vs human" version of the argument, which ignores multiple facets of the question and the characters involved. It's an over-simplification to justify a personal opinion. Calling people "brainless morons" for seeing it differently is pretty poor form.

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lol, OK - he's not necessarily surprised looking in this one - but Bat's is clearly still the instigator.

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@smart_dork_dude: Just putting it out there - it was ALWAYS from the Wizard. Like that is the absolute original origin story - that the Wizard granted Billy the powers, and the magic word to invoke them is his name, which is Shazam. Yes, I realise the Wizard's name has that meaning behind it - but I didn't think that had been changed in the comics? I might not be remembering properly, but I thought his name was still Shazam, and that's what Billy has to say.

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One of them is definitely JL, and I'm guessing there is at least a solo Batman film and another solo Superman film in there. I'd say one of them is also Wonder Woman - but it will be pending how audiences receive Gal Gadot. Shazam is likely at this stage, and there is just too much talk about Aquaman for him to not be getting some sort of attention (although it may just be in JL of course, not necessarily solo). As far as I remember, JL:Dark is supposed to be on the cards too, along with Sandman, as both those titles have had various directors, writers and actors attached to them already. GL needs a reboot, and I seriously doubt Flash won't get a stand alone film (or that Flash/GL cross-over thing might happen I guess - two birds, one stone and all that).

People are saying it seems ambitious - but 2 films a year is what Marvel are doing, so I see no problem there, PLUS WB is a MASSIVE company with lots of money and resources to throw at this stuff if they are taking it seriously, which it now seems like they are. As long as they attach the correct writers and directors - we'll have some great films over the next 6 years to enjoy as CB fans.

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@dianaxkal said:

@sanohibiki: Okay, glad you clarified you meant Diana as his girlfriend and Bruce as his best friend because you REALLY scared me, I thought the world was going mad. D:


Just saying - Batman is kissing Superman, not the other way around. Supe's looks pretty surprised there, and Batman has clearly grabbed his head to pull him in for the kiss.