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 Hi ! I'm 42, brown haired and eyed, about 6 feet tall. I've Italian and spanish origins.
I read comics since I've 8. A gift from my grandpa... he's never knew what he's done ! Now I read my favourites comics in english, 'cause translation are very poor in France. The prime editor, Panini Comics, is really a pain in the a... sorry.
My favourite comics... I'm a really great fan of the X-men. I play an adaptation of the comics in RPG, as game master and I HATE the movies made after the Singer's. Otherwise, I like "Fables", "Preacher", "the Authority", "Walking dead", "the Boys"... non-intertainment stuff, I guess. 
My favourite X-man... Cyclops. As I always said to the unbelievers : Cyke rules ! Though, X-men are a big family and I love them all. That being said, if Wolverine could be less... I don't know... godlike ? boring ? present ? Ever ?