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@Formidable: I live alone and smoke in my own home.  I previously stated that smokers should be considerate of others when they exercise their right to smoke. Who am I hurting? I'd assume that if I were to rape or murder someone I would be hurting somebody so maybe those laws are ok. There are so many carcinogens related to other daily activities so why is it tobacco is the only one taxed at several times its own cost price? It is a hobby not a habit. I respect your opinion but being judgmental and name calling does not make you right.
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@TheNooseIsLoose said:
" @Winfield: Dude what logic is there in creating false propaganda about smoking cigarettes. Why would people say smoking causes cancer just for the hell of it. "
Anti tobacco groups are mostly funded by govt. subsides and pharmaceutical companies. The former uses it as a justification for increased taxes and the later manufactures nicotine replacements. Its all about money
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@Formidable: So assuming that everything I mentioned was wrong, once the govt protects us from evil smokers what's next? Fast food? Cars? The sex and violence in comic books is questionable too maybe we should save the kids from that. What I am passionate about is the idea of self responsibility. Being able to make decisions about how we wish to live our lives without govt intervention so long as we do not harm others. To say smoking should be illegal because you personally do not like it is laughable. The government that governs best also governs least. I dont need big brother making my decisions for me, nor do I think its fair that they unfairly penalise me for it via taxes. This kind of government intervention always causes more problems than it solves.
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@Formidable: I quit for a full year in 2004 and it did not change my mind. How do you explain the increase of all cancers when smoking has decreased substantially in the general population? If all my comments are just rantings of somebody in the throes of addiction why dont you tell me WHY smoking should be illegal.
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@The Hooded Hero said:
" @Formidable: I think that hes kinda of messed up in the head.  On the other hand. Hes challenging us to do something. That he can easily show us himself by copy and pasting from other sites. "
My opinion differs from yours so you try to discredit it by saying that I'm cutting and pasting? Are you serious? If you want to debate debate on the facts. You can give me your opinions but personal attacks are not cool.  There is more to life than comics. You just happened to bring up a topic that I feel very passionate about.
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@Formidable said:
" @Winfield said:

" @Formidable said:

I live in a modern apartment. You just can;t smell  2nd hand smoke as well because you smoke. If you did'nt you would smell it  throught the walls and floor. Smoking dulls your sense of smell. Also when you open your windows it wafts in.   You're equating your infringing on others freedom to yours being infringed upon. It is simply because you're addicted and can't be objective. You don;t have the right to shorten others lives. But you smoke so you care nothing about your life or health so I can't expect you to care about anyone elses.. "

 I challenge you to find any existing research or case studies that verify your claims. The fact is there has never been a case in the history of the world of anybody dying of second hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke. To make it clear nobody has ever died of inhaling somebody else's cigarette smoke. This is yet another example of anti tobacco propaganda that has been repeated so often it is taken as truth.  The world we live in is far too focused on rights and has forgotten the concept of responsibility. It is my right to smoke and I plan on exercising my right as often as I see fit. It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to infringe upon the rights of others while exercising my own rights.  Any attempt that puritanical groups make to erode my rights will ultimately result in the erosion of their own rights.  By the way in the US tobacco is controlled by the FDA. Since tobacco products are available for sale this means the FDA must have APPROVED tobacco and its constituents to be safe. Therefore the taxes and excises in effect can only be viewed as extremely hypocritical "
Yes . Many have contacted cancer and emphysema from second hand smoke. Waitresses who work on smoking establishments have a rate of cancer and emphysema that is several times the normal percentage.  Your addiction is speaking for you. Quit and i assure you you will have a much different perspective.  The FDA approves tobacco because the government makes money off of it. Not because it is safe.   Alcohol is an approved substance and yet 300 people a year die from alcohol poisoning. Just because the government approves something doesn't mean it is safe. They approved DDT for the longest time Exercise your right as much as you like. Just don't selfishly submit others to the toxins that you choose to inhale.  (anyone else think this guy seems like a tobacco exec?) (Look at his images. It's like a bad playboy advertisement spread trying to get kids to not the advice of anyone on addictions who has multiple ones..their credibility is nil.) "
Name one case of somebody who has died of secondhand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke.
My point about the FDA was one of hypocrisy. Just because you personally dont like smoking doesnt mean that it should be illegal. My biggest points have been about personal rights and personal responsibility. Do you really think more legislation will make the world a better place?
You have no idea how much I smoke only that I do, so how can you say its my addiction speaking? If a guy takes one drink a day are you going to classify him as an alcoholic and dismiss his opinions? Did you even read my posts? 
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@Dracade102 said:
" We should make alot more Laws against Smoking instead of abolishing it entirely... Like No smoking out in Public, In Apartments, Cars or Near children. "  
There are already enough smoking bans out there. I don't smoke in front of children but why shouldn't I be allowed to smoke outdoors, in my own home or in my own car if there I'm not harming anybody. The aim of smoking bans is to demonise smoking so that anybody who does smoke will be shunned and outcast, basically the modern leprosy. The Antis have actually admitted there is no health risk in environmental tobacco smoke. If you guys want to wade through journals, essays and transcripts I can verify everything I have said here
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@The Hooded Hero said:

Thats impossible. 
I'm not trying to make it illegal. Its just in my opinion it should be. 
Just get offended on a debate. Wow.


Im just disappointed at all the misinformation there is about tobacco and that people are so ready to judge and sentence smokers. 
The scenarios I presented earlier should not be legislated, yet smoking is. I think thats quite unfair. I understand that you think it should be illegal. But what lead you to that conclusion? 
Did you know pipe smokers have a longer life expectancy than non smokers? 
Despite the number of smokers dropping by 25% the levels of lung cancer have gone up by 280% which is in line with other cancers not related to smoking eg colon cancer 300% 
Asian countries such as china and japan consume significantly more tobacco than the USA, yet the cases of cancer is significantly lower. 
In some places cigarettes are taxed up to 700% of their cost price 
These are just a few facts on the issue and there are plenty more. I like comics but tobacco is my passion. It offends me that people think its ok to take away something I love and enjoy responsibly even though it is legal, while glorifying illicit drug use and campaigning to legalise substances that are proven to be detrimental. 
 Im just trying to show people that there is another side to the debate. 
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@The Hooded Hero said:
" @lagoon_boy said:
"Marijuana and Cocaine are illegal yet they are the most common drug used. I don't see how making cigarettes illegal could restrain smokers out there. "
We have already talked about this. I know making cigarettes illegal will never happen, but if they just keep taxing the shit out of them then people will eventually quit bcuz they cant afford them.  But they can still get the rich people to buy them for them. "
And when people can't afford them anymore it will hurt everyone because tax revenue from tobacco and tobacco related products subsidise massive chunk of the economy. Funding for Obamas health care reform wouldnt be possible without it
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@The Hooded Hero said:
" @Crom-Cruach said:
" @RiddlingGambit said:
"Nobody's forcing non-smokers to come in to smoker's section and if it bothers them, then they should  stay out of the smoker's section. " 
Smokes floats into the other section. Lingers. "
In the morning I get on the train I put up with people with bad BO and people who overuse perfume. Cut through the park on foot and there is an overwhelming stench of $hit because people dont dispose of their dogs droppings. I cross the street to my office and get hit with a curtain of diesel fumes. When I walk through the carpark stairwell is the overpowering smell of stale pi$$ and vomit. Even though I only experience them for a few moments each day those smells offend me. Will you find a way to legislate that?