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@artyom said:

I thought that Aquaman's TP only affected beings with a certain gland (can't remember the name, but Martian's have it, and that's why it works on them) I may be thinking of something else, but even so, Barry is sped up his mind fast enough so that TP isn't effective, and since the Flashes have knowledge of the team, and prep they'll more than likely start with that...not sure if Jay could keep up though, his mental speed caps out at nanoseconds.explosions?

Aquaman's TP can work on certain parts of the brain (like when he attached the White Martian) but I dont think it's been established that it's limited to that. In any case, it will definitely work on the Flashes.

I know that Barry and Wally can speed up to avoid TP, but what about the others? Without feats we cant assume that they can also do this. Just being fast might not be enough. To do that it might require certain other skills/knowledge/whatever that they lack... like for example they might have to vibrate at specific frequencies or something like that.

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I'm not sure how the Flashes would deal with GL's invisibility. You got me there for now.

Thank you. BTW I think that GLs dont usually do this because if they did it'd make the story or fight less interesting... so, basically, PIS. Same reason why they hardly ever phase through objects even though there's multiple examples of them doing it.

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As for explosions, the team could A) simply outrun the explosion or B) phase through it.

True. On the other hand, what if the area-of-effect attack was more like covering the entire area with a blinding fog? Or, shinning blinding light all over the place? In effect, what if GL decided to blind them? Given that Flashes are only human, they would be susceptible to this type of thing, but it would not bother someone like GL or Superman.

Also, what if the area attack was just a zero-friction coating all over the area? Yes, I know one of the Flashes (Wally?) has a feat of running in space, but the others dont. And, a single feat that was never duplicated again is not very convincing... especially since there's many, many examples of Flash being tripped up by obstacles or conditions on the ground. So, I think this is would be a very effective means of stopping them.

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Now I have a few questions if you'd be kind enough to respond. Does GL have to maintain concentration to stay invisible, or is it easy for him, and Superman has super hearing as we all know, how sensitive are his ears to supersonic explosions?

GL's dont have to maintain concentration to do hardly anything really. For most things the ring can do it automatically, either by their command or even on it's own. For example when Hal was just a rookie he survived a nuclear explosion when the ring put up his shields without him even knowing it as the bomb went off. The ring is like an AI that can take commands and even decide the best way to do things.

As far as Superman's sensitivity to loud noises, well I'm not really an expert on Supes. I know he's sensitive and can be hurt that way, but I think if he prepares himself then not so much. I mean, Superman has survived many, many attacks and explosions with little effect.

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Firestorm wins

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aquaman would get stomped unless their near water then he loses with a good fight

Aquaman does have his TP to help him. This is what he did to a White Martian speedster:

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Captain America solos

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@the_red_viper: GL absolutely is the slowest of the 3 given he actually needs to think to activate his speed, the thinking bit happens only at human level speeds

Now in a sceanrio with prep this becomes irrelevant . But the point still stands

Well, in this scenario he can come in with his ring-augmented reaction speed, so it's a non-factor. With ring augmentation Hal is nearly at the reaction speeds of someone like Superman.

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I see a lot of people who don't know what HP Doomsday is....if you knew you would know there's no way this Avengers team wins in any capacity. They have a -45/10 chance.

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Probably Thanos

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@willpayton said:

The Reverse Flashes are not in this fight. Black Adam is not in this fight.

How do the Flashes deal with Aquaman's TP?

How do they deal with GL if he's invisible?

How do they deal with area-of-effect attacks from GL?

Then you shouldn't bring them up, as the feats clearly show that the JL is not good enough to tag them in a straight fight when put into context. The feats are worthless as far as any semblance of saying they have a chance of tagging these characters. Superman is at best as fast as Jay, Barry and Wally demolish him in speed. Black Adam clearly demonstrates that Jay is vastly superior to what others are saying.

I didnt bring them up, others did.

Flashes are largely immune to most TP unless caught off guard. Their thoughts can be sped up to prevent TP. Allen has used it against Grodd before.

I've seen Wally overcome TP with effort, but not the rest. Do you have feats for them resisting TP? If not they're vulnerable to Aquaman and GL.

You're limiting the environment to a relatively small area against 4 of the fastest people in the multiverse. This also assume GL abandons his teammates, isn't in character since we already know Pre-52 Hal's plan for Barry (which is straight up stupid).

How is an entire planet a "small area"? How is turning invisible to better fight considered "abandoing" his teammates?

The same way most people usually do, tank them or remove the ring, both of which are entirely viable against Hal. You've given flashes a relatively huge amount of prep time, and have given the other team a relatively weak means of dealing with them. The only character capable of standing up to them is potentially Hal, but I question his tactics too much for him to actually make something of his powers.

How will any of the Flashes remove Hal's ring if he has a shield around himself?

Are there feats of Flashes easily tanking area-of-effect attacks at the level that a top-tier GL can do?