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@willpayton: can't wally survive in space?

Once the Kryptonians are airborne and start blasting the surface with heat vision, Flash will die. He runs out into space, he'll also die from lack of oxygen.

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Around 1,000 of them and then the rest are airbourne and take him out along with the surface of the planet.

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Could go either way between SS and AS.

If Alan is not jobbing or holding back, I'd go with Alan simply because his powers are magic based.

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@captainmarvelthunder: Citizen Steel took a hit from Gog without even budging. Gog was throwing around people like KC Superman, who is stronger than regular Superman.

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@cf12793 said:

This has nothing to do with the battle but just out of curiosity: what is Booster Gold's class in terms of power? Is he closer to Iron Man in terms of strength/power or closer to street levelers but with some upgrades? I don't know that much about the character and I've only ever seen 2, maybe 3 feats from him.

Arguably above Iron Man.

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Team: Aquaman, Booster Gold, Donna Troy

DC team is pre-52. Aquaman is as pictured, no other equipment.

Everyone is in-character. Random encounter. Win by KO or death.

Can the team take out the God of Thunder?

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It all depends on who fights who. But if Hero team fight like this imo they have a great chance of winning

Despero vs Quasar and Nova Prime. Quasar and Nova are imune to TP and work good in a team. Both have strong shields that can tank anything Despero throws at them. This fight won't take that long as TP is Desperos greatest weapon, and its no good here. They have enough Speed to hang with Despero. Also Quasar can BFR to Quantum universe where he is TOOA

Alan Scott vs Dr Strange and Warlock. Alan is a monster and imo has the edge against both Warlock and Strange (small edge against Strange) in a single fight. But Alans power can be cut of like Mordu did. Classic Strange could do this with the help of Warlock

Here is where it gets tricky

Doomsday vs Thor, Sentry and Gladiator. HP DD is a beast and he evolves. Sentry and Glads = 2 Supermen with no morals. Plus Thor, they should be able to at least stalemate him long enough for backup to arrive. He has yet to adapt to Thor and Sentrys powers.

SBPvsSurfer. In a straight out brawl, Surfer gets owned. But he has Strong TP, BFR, draining and can exploit weakness as red sun on SBP.

What stops Alan from mind-controlling Strange like he did Dr Fate?