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Good lord, they should change the name to The Unamazing CGI-Spider-Man 2. There's a proper way of doing good CGI, but this just looks like some video game. Unimpressed. So so so so unimpressed. - Still gonna see it though. :)

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I'm not exactly sure about him being a Superhero. He'd probably be a good one, but I'm not so sure it'll be his type of thing. But with that said, I think he'd be a great Vigilante. Sort of like Season 1 Oliver Queen/The Hood on Arrow, I think that's how Dante would act in battle. - And I'd personally think he'd fit pretty well in DC Comics. :) (Same opinion applies to DMC Dante + DmC Dante. :] )

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@sebast_allen said:

@baberaham_lincoln said:

@sebast_allen: You can be a pirating douche OR you can go online and buy them from somewhere... I wasted your time it seems... =)...

Anyways, i'm really liking the direction Shazam's character is going. Being a more magic based hero to differentiate himself from Superman is a really good plan and one i can stick with.

You do know i was asking for a place to buy them online like from a dc site? Seems you were wasting my time.

Yeah, shazam is FREAKING AWESOME

In Baberaham's defense, your words were rather vague and sort of pointed more towards reading them without paying. :] Anyway. This website should give you a place to buy them as a digital version http://www.readdcentertainment.com/ - If Digital Versions is what you were hoping for.

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Tough battle. Hawkman is pretty dang tough, but it'd be difficult to evade Zauriel's sonic scream (If it's possible to even evade it) and since that can vaporize an Angel in a Millisecond. I'm sure Hawkman would be taken down easily. :] But, if Hawkman does manage to evade it, then it'd be a pretty tough battle with Zauriel probably winning due to his longer training and experience with weapons. :)

Zauriel wins. So, I guess to Hawkman, it's Bye Bye Birdy. xD

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@herokiller12344: Not at all my friend. As long as there is a villain with strength similar to mine, ala Black Adam; it'll be perfectly fine. Shazam needs more power anyway. I'm sick of Shazam always getting his ass kicked instantly. :( :]

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All I wanted was to bury Black Adam. Stupid Jerks (Justice League) :(

On the plus side, dang my costume looks sweeeeeeet!

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@cloudzackvincent: Exactly. Just like in Arkham City, Batman started noticing him around after seeing him a few times, only because Azrael wanted to Batman to see him. He could be just as a mysterious watcher throughout the game, without Batman even seeing him. :) Sort of like how Martian Manhunter supposedly looked over Superman to put him on the right path. :] Just like Azrael's message said in Arkham City 'I bring a message: dark days are coming, Batman. The Prophecy is coming true, you are the warrior who will close the gates of Hell, you are the one who will save this day, and in doing so, events will occur that you cannot stop, from the ashes of Arkham the fires will rage and Gotham will burn, and you, you will burn too'. So, maybe during Arkham Origins it'll be Azrael checking to see if Batman is the so called 'Warrior' :)

And if you look at what Azrael says on this, it's possible he could have been watching him during Origins. :] http://images.wikia.com/batman/images/3/35/Tumblr_lw6ds9zxlV1qk2rpq.jpg

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@cloudzackvincent: Deathstroke will be playable, as a pre-order bonus. But, I bet he'll be coming in DLC or something. :] Azrael could have been watching Batman for ages. Making sure he gets on the right path to be the hero he is today or something. :) I'm keeping my fingers cross though. :D

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I'd want Azrael to be playable. He's super-badass. :)

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