If I made a Pokemon team for Bumpyboo

This is just a silly idea I had, and just wanted to see if i could make a team from her fave animals. Just to make it more of a challenge, they had to be as diverse in elemental types as possible. Hence Wigglytuff didn't make the list.

Added here are two Pokemon not in the wiki yet.

#675 Pangoro. Fighting/Dark

#703 Carbink. Rock/Fairy

List items

Posted by ImpurestCheese

Interesting I sense a bear theme here. LOL

Posted by wildvine
Posted by ImpurestCheese

@wildvine: Cool I guess. Thankfully two animals I've never had to catch.


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Posted by BumpyBoo

Aw this is perfect, you did such a brilliant job, I love it! Very impressed. What a great team, you nailed it! <3