Harley and Ivy.

This came up no another thread and i wanted to comment but the user who started the thread did not wish for this to be discussed there. Here goes, Harley and ivy would make a beautiful couple. Harley is attracted to a strong personality type (like Ivy) and the two obviously care for each other. however, this would only work if Joker (that jerk) was removed from the picture forever.

Posted by AweSam

I agree that they would be really cute together, but I love Joker and Harley. Maybe if Joker found someone new who's like the previous version of Harley.

Posted by Joygirl

They already are a couple... no need to ship what's already canon. ^_^

Posted by Mr.Q
according to Dini, they are. Ivy is Harley's sugar on the side I guess.