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Ultimate Rhino folks.

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Who ever directs this film is going to have a rough time man. Not only does the film have to be quality film but it also has to be a good launching point for the DC films that flow out of it like The Flash. This can't be a bad movie folks. Good luck to whoever takes the job.

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Pretty obvious roster choice. It's much easier juggling five characters instead of seven so I'd understand why they would go that route. However, I'd be very surprised if WB didn't decide to go with the New 52 line up given the recent marketing we've seen.

And let's be real folks, Aquaman isn't necessary in a Justice League film at all. Barely anybody would bat an eye if he didn't make the roster.

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Man, I really don't understand why Vibe is getting a book so quickly. It would make more sense to develop him in JLA first and then launch a series when enough people care about the character.

And cosign those saying Vibe is essentially receiving aspects that would definitely benefit Cyborg more. It's a shame really.

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It's pretty obvious they're going to fight the Justice League in the Trinity War.

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I can't get excited for this movie knowing how butchered the story is going to be.

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I would. We'd definitely get a more accurate X-Men movie compared to what we've been getting from Fox.

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A couple of the posts in here pretty much nails it. He's just known to be the guy who can real fast and that's it. You really can't fault non comic readers for not being interested in The Flash if that's all they know.

Personally, I think a Flash similar to the Justice League cartoon would have an easier shot at becoming popular due to the comedy he brings. The odds of that happening is slim due to DC's obsession with Barry's boring ass.

@Yung ANcient One said:

Non comic book readers think he's just fast, but in reality his powers are too much. I personally think it's boring. I mean what is a challenge for a Guy that run around the world. Has that mass punch. I mean really when does he have a chance.of losing? Why aren't his adventures 10 seconds long if he's so fast? (+)

I think this is one of the reasons why the Flash always has trouble in movie development. Would the audience ever feel like The Flash is in any real state of trouble when he faces his villains? Could they buy a guy named Captain Cold or Weather Wizard being able to contend with a guy who could realistically speed blitz whenever he wants?

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Definitely checkout Bendis's, Brubaker's, and Waid's run in that order.

And for the love of god, avoid Shadowland.