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I'm an Art Collector and want to start to share my collection with you. I have two good new Benitez pieces. The first is the Psylocke Steampunk piece he did so. The second is a great Save Leia he did in memory of the Star Wars 30 years.

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Take this news with a grain of salt, gentlemen. They do this occasionally in casting, give a different name than the character they are actually reading for, especially for established characters. In the Once Upon a Time castings, the girl who got the "Sleeping Beauty" role thought she was reading for a character named Anastasia

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Comic Vine,

I'm the Manager of one of the Women of Wonder events, specifically the one in San Antonio, Texas. To those of you who don't know what that is, it is a charity event to raise money for local Domestic Violence shelters. We ask for donations from artists and media celebrities and then auction off the stuff in October. The San Antonio event will be on October 21st but we will take Proxy bids. For more information, please go to www.womenofwonderday.com. It has last years information but will be updated soon. What I was wanting from you guys is who would you bid on stuff from? We had donations from Doug Mankhe, Cliff Chiang, Billy Tucci, and more on the art side. We are also getting into memorabilia. We had a signed script from Glee, DVDs from Robin Williams, Castle and More. Please let me know on who you want to see me get items from please.