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Batman #24 1

Villains Month delayed Zero Year, but that is all made up for in Batman #24. We get a double-sized edition, concluding the first chapter of Zero Year and introducing the second. Scott Snyder had hinted that this issue would see the Batman’s debut and reveal something of the mysterious link between the Red Hood Gang leader and the Joker. So how does this work out? Warning: this review may contain spoilers.The GoodI’ll be honest; I didn’t want the leader of the Red Hood Gang to become Joker. Not b...

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More Than Just A Prelude 0

This is already the final round of Villains Month. How does the Batman series bring this spectacular period to a close? The villain in this week’s spotlight, Bane, might be the last, but he is certainly not the least.The GoodFirst of all, this issue features Graham Nolan as the artist. Graham Nolan. As one of Bane’s creators, Nolan knows how to make the character feel genuine better than anyone else. This is truly Bane looking at his best, combining a perfect mixture of realistic details and ove...

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Criminal Mastermind with an Umbrella 0

This is already the third week of Villains Month and we have been blessed with many great stories in which the villains take center-stage. Now it's Penguin's turn to prove his worth. Warning: this review might contain some spoilers.The GoodWriter Frank Tieri shows us a story of Penguin’s exploits to maintain his share of control over Gotham. This means that Penguin has already established himself as a criminal lord right at the start. Early on in the issue Governor Carter Winston starts a crusa...

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Everything the Riddler should be 4

Warning: This review might contain some minor spoilers.Last week, DC kicked off Batman’s Villains month with the Joker, a sensible first choice. However, this week the Riddler shows that he too is a worthy adversary for the World’s Greatest Detective. Set at the time of Zero Year, this story nicely fits into the current events in the Batman series and will have a direct impact on it's future. In fact, it was co-written by none other than Scott Snyder. So what does this comic add to what we have ...

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A fun, quick and easy read 0

First of all, let me say that I read some reviews before picking up this comic and as it was butchered in most of them, my expectations going in were not very high. At the same time, the main complaint seemed to be the fact that Andy Kubert attempted to write an origin story for the Joker, an idea that I don't find appalling at all.StoryOnce reading the actual comic, I soon noticed that this complaint had been overly exaggerated. Yes, there is a flashback to Joker's childhood, but by no means do...

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