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It's Clayface or it's Scarecrow are pretty good explanations, but unsatisfactory to me. Snyder has said again and again that this is his big Joker-story so it would be really lame to pull the old switcheroo on that.

Also, I know a lot of people don't like Snyder writing the Joker because he becomes a one-dimensional creep from a horror movie and loses all of the things that make him funny. I completely agree, but I don't mind because it works in his stories. However, I really hope that its not gonna be a trend in the New 52. As much as I love this Joker, it's not the one I want to keep seeing.

Then there is the 'Jim Gordon got out of Blackgate'. I honestly can't keep up with Batman Eternal and its links to the series and I just gave up and read them seperately. It saves me a lot of headaches.

All of that being said, I am really reaaaaally enjoying Endgame. The final page of the first issue got me really excited and there were quite a few moments in this last issue that did the same. Can't wait to see where it's all gonna lead!

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I think what truly separates Damian from all the other Robin's is that Dick, Jason and Tim (strong individual characters as they were and all going on to become bigger things than Robin) were just Robin during their run: they were Batman's side-kick and they knew it. Now Damian is a whole different story. He seems to think that Bruce is his side-kick most of the time.

Therefore, if we define 'best' Robin as the one that is the best to Batman (as the article does) then Damian definitely ranks very low, but if we define 'best' Robin as the strongest character by himself then Damian is my number 1.

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Ugh, a Batman cover finally makes the list when I happen to get one of the variant covers. Oh wait, its f*cking Darwyn Cooke! Zero complaints here!

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I am surprised so little people voted for Teen Titans Go! That show cracks me up every single week.

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We all know that Rick was not in a coma dreaming all this up. Ash Ketchum totally is though...

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It had so much potential to give it an international appeal. The US is not the world! I would have loved to see a setting on a different continent, but hey, I'm not American myself. I knew iit was unlikely, but a man can hope.

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So. Much. Batman this week! Can't wait. :)

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Okay, I understand most of these. Arkham Manor is kind of sad, or was that always meant as a mini-series? I am surprised about Batwoman, hearing only the most amazing things about it. And the thing that really pisses me of is that they are scrapping the whole Green Lantern universe except for the main title? (Not counting Sinestro of course) Seriously? It is such an interesting universe with so many stories to tell?!! Or are they creating another bunch of series instead? I mean, I am a Batman fan, but its crazy how many Bat-books there are and every time one is cancelled an immediate replacement comes (like Nightwing becoming Grayson). Except for Batwoman I suppose?!

Hmm, I got to think about this...

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Wow DC is getting really serious with all these shows and movies. As long as they think about what they are doing and not just spitting out as much as possible as soon as possible, I am all for it.

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I'm sorry, but I can't take this stuff seriously anymore whenever Bruce or Selina comes up. I realize that all these articles are written by a person and are therefore not objective and that they are not intended to be free of opinions, but whereas I think the articles on the good guys and bad guys were fairly balanced, the personal opinion is just too strong here. Really a shame because it makes the article unreadable.

We get the rehashed whining about Bruce and Selina getting screen time and as far as major changes to Tommy Elliot's character go (an important issue for many Hush fans like myself) we get a literal "Personally, I don't care." Oh and then let's just curbstomp Ivy while we're at it, because you know this little girl Selina that I have been hating on from day one and telling everybody how she is the worst thing in the world? Well, I hate this little girl even more.

Sorry for being so rude and upfront, but after hearing the same stuff over and over and over again I was getting very frustrated. Shame on you.