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Static Shock says:

He's not Prof. X.
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I've never said he was professor X. If he was he'd be bald and wheel-chair bound. But every half-hack telepath in Marvel can change the perceptions and memories of others: Jean Grey, Psylocke, Emma Frost(who thinks the sentry is more powerfull than herself), all the Cuckoos, Stryfe, Moonstar, Cable, Moon Knight. Marvel universe is full of them, and just like DC's heroes are ridiculously scewed towards strength and indestructability the Marvel heroes have ridiculous amounts of psychic super-heroes who can erase your personality within the blink of an eye.

Seeng as how Wonder Woman, like most of the DC's, have no special defense against such an attack I can but conclude that Sentry would be able do demolish her entire persona at will. Old and new Sentry alike.

Come with a response other than "u-uh. no. Wonder Woman is bestest go away!" or begone oh ye of little intellect.

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Static Shock says:

Sounds like your making up stuff now..."

Have you even been to the Sentry page? Read a single mag with Sentry in it?

I call shenz on you being anything but a troll.

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Kain Echnida says:

Hulk couldn't do anything to Superman, period. Superman completly outclasses Hulk and current Sentry."
Didn't say he could. I'm saying that supes didn't damage Hulk; he did however put him adrift in space. I'd say thats a win. Where is it revealed that current Sentry is actually weaker than the old one, and that he's not just afraid of using his powers like it seems he is in WWH?

And ple-heaze. Her weakness is...guns? The problem being getting a gun past her bracers. I'm guessing in a cross-over the Punisher would be able to own her. But then again, he owns every single marvel super hero in the "what if" series x|

Sentry'd never use a gun tho. That'd be too...easy. Damn superheroes. "It's okay to punch your neck into a funny angle. That's all fair and stuff. But guns. Unf. No." I'm guessing the one thing that'd completely own her that Mr. Sentryman could use would be telepathy. He can alter the mind of others, as proven when he erased himself from the memory of...everyone. At once. And seeing as all manner of mind-trickery works on DC-supes every time and she can't kill him instantly he could just make her think she was a cute puppy-dog and that she should take her bracers off. After that, blast her off to blast-off ville.
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Juggernaut wins. After 80 years...when Hulk dies of old age. Either that or they become BFF's like Danko says.

This is like wolverine vs Deadpool in a fistfight inside an indistructible impenetrable cage. Noone wins, noone looses.

Noone can really make a dent in the other without outside interference.

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Kain Echnida says:

She's able to take hits from Superman on a daily. That's saying something."

Superman vs. old hulk ended with supes having to displace Hulk into space because he couldn't make a dent in him.

Sentry vs the much much much more powerful WB Hulk was far from as bloodless.

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Static Shock says:

"wickedragon says:
"you're such a fanboy. And yes I think sentry kileld his own power to get knocked out. If he didn't he'd have destroyed NY and possibly earth."
I'm not a fanboy. Just being a bit logical here, unlike you. You can't even make a case for Sentry if you wanted to. But you wanna believe that he sacrificed his power to get knocked out voluntarily (When his purpose for fighting the Hulk was to defeat him)... Please, I don't have time for your ignorance. Keep it to yourself.

His purpose was to stop Hulk killing pplz, it became clear that the Hulk was not some mindless monster and the fight ended. This was not some meta fight where the fight was enough in itself, it served a purpose taht was fulfilled. His problem after that was that he didn't quite know how to stop himself.

And I saw the link you used to that mass of scans. It failed to show her awsome.

The one thing that is truly remarkable about her is her rope. Other than that she is not as strong nor as durable as the sentry. If she was she wouldn't have to dodge and parry weapons.

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Static Shock says:

"mantoid says:
"WW. No chance for Sentry."
I love you. :P"

you're such a fanboy.

And yes I think sentry kileld his own power to get knocked out. If he didn't he'd have destroyed NY and possibly earth.

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y the hate on symbiote-spidey?

He can become invisible and wouldn't be picked up by iron-spideys spidey-sense.

His webbing is superior.

He too is bullet proof-ish.

He's stronger, faster and has better stamina.

I say he kicks iron-spideys ass.

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Static Shock says:

"Scarlet Thor says:
"Agree about the better fighter thing but as for faster and stronger how can you be sure of that? Sentry was the only one to stand against Hulk in WWH when Hulk's power was near limitless"
Rest assured, Sentry is no where near as powerful as Wonder Woman. He's never demonstrated anything on her level. He's not as powerful as a million exploding suns. He was lead to believe that he's that strong. Realistically, he's as strong as a 1000 super-soldiers. The million-exploding sun thing is a hyperbole, used to over-hype him. Think about it. The power that he displayed against the Hulk isn't equivalent to the power he believes he has. One supernova is powerful, but if the power he displayed against the Hulk equaled a million, all of New York and the entire planet would have been destroyed. The Hulk would have never survived it, either. If he was really that powerful, why is it that he couldn't stop the Helicarrier from crashing down into New York by himself? He struggled and still couldn't stop it, when other top-tier superpowered beings could. Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Wonder Man had to help him out. And, if he was really as powerful as he thought he was, his powers would have never been expended toward the end of the fight. After that, he was completely exhausted, and easily put on his back by Bruce Banner. I don't think the Hulk's power was limitless at the time. He was just the most powerful incarnation. I'm sure Wonder Woman would have been able to fight him, IMO. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is nearly as powerful as Superman (the Sentry is not). Wonder Woman has been through a lot more than the Sentry has, and has better feats of strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and fighting skills. The Sentry doesn't stand a chance here... Not saying it's a curbstomp, but in the end, the fight would go to her. Here's a link to a old thread. I posted some evidence on Wonder Woman's greatness here. And there's another link on that same page that has more of her feats.
" />http://www.comicvine.com/message/wonder-woman-vs-android-18/590765/&c=397&397&page=14"

The one saying he unleashe the power of a thousand suns was the Thing.

Considering that he wasn't there to destroy earth I'd say he was holding back.

And in the end I never read it like he was 'worn out'. It seems more like the Hulk managed to calm him down at which point he killed his own power.

I've never seen Diana do anything special. Given that the power of a thousand exploding suns would shatter our solar system and seriousl fuck up our galaxy I'll give this one to Sentry, easily.

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Methos says:

"yeah... and this one doesn't have any 'flashy superpowers'... it's basically normal people M"

Well yes...and no.

Both can really fork shite upp, channeling the forces of heaven and hell. On one hand both can get into serious trouble fending off a dude with a bat, on the other both could possibly take out supes with well-directed use of magic (sending him to heaven, hell or the Third Place and such).

I think the main problem with getting people to take a stance in either direction is that their powers are complex. There really is no easy solution, at least not with a weeks worth of prep-time.

If it was just an on-the-go thing I think I'd give it to Custer, but seing as Constantine is such an insidious bastard a week worth of planning has let him kill the devil and cheat certain death by tricking the rulers of hell into choosing between war in hell or keeping him alive.

I just don't know.