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So I make the mistake of not knowing Helena Bertinelli was dead. I assumed she was simply an alias Helena Wayne used, and that they were the same character (or DC was making it seem that way) and this user criticizes me as if I'm some lowlife trash who doesn't know anything at all. Excuse me for not having a Phd in comics. This is exactly why most newcomers shy away from comics, because you have the ignorant assholes (excuse my french) who feel the need to belittle someone for not having a vast comic knowledge. This has me furious.


Mera is one "wicked fun" character.

So after finally getting the chance I decided to go ahead and read the issues so far of "Aquaman", and boy do I wish I would've done so sooner. Besides my newfound respect and love for Arthur, I've discovered an even greater love...in Mera. She is absolutely amazing. She definitely compliments Arthur, and I love how she doesn't tolerate half the crap Aquaman goes through, with the media often criticizing him. All in all DC has me now hooked to these two and I intend to follow them for a very long time. Big ups to Geoff Johns!