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No no no. You're all wrong. The reason Batman wasn't on Smallville was because they were all teens. Bruce wouldn't even be Batman yet

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I meant more along the lines of, could he use it without going crazy

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A debate a friend and I are having

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They probably argue a bunch, then Superboy would do something stupid. Superman would try to defend Superboy for his public disaster, attempting to take him under his wing. MM would follow him, and after that beast boy. Nightwing would wait awhile, letting Robin and Batgirl side with Batman.

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I agree. Post-invasion I would say aqualad with superman

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Right. Assuming they don't agree with their mentor 100 0/0 of the time.

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C'mon, somebody answere

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How would YJ characters react if injustice happend in their world? Assuming the adults take the same side, where would the sidekicks go? Red Arrow, Artemis, and Arsnel would join the insurgents, Wally West would join the insurgents because of Artemis. What do you guys think?

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Once all the lanterns had found their point of defense, they pointed their rings at the sky to create a giant shield construct. Almost instantly a beam of yellow light beated against the shield with such force, that all the green lanterns were forced onto their knees,but kept their will strong. Then the yellow beam took the form of a power drill. The mighty green shield began to crack, thats when an even brighter yellow beam struck the shield, and with great terror [only fueling the opponents] flashing across the faces of all the green lanterns, the shield was destroyed right down the middle. Then the yellow power drill dispersed into thousends of tiny yellow balls of light. "The sinestro corps approach" shouted Arisia. "Guess the honor guard didn't last long" replied Kilowag as he created the construct of a cannon. When Kilowag shot his cannon, a huge group of sinestro corpsmen were blown out of the air. "I found Kyle" screamed Hal Jordan as the body of Kyle Rayner landed right in front of him. Just then, there was a huge explosion of green and yellow, destroying all of the training area leaving only Arkillo standing."Oh he'll pay for that!" screamed Kilowag as he flew off to challenge Arkillo. A green ball of light landed next to Hal Jordan, revealing itself to be John Stewart. "Hal" "John" they said to eachother. " this is not going well" they both said looking at the chaos in yhe sky.

read pt.3

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plus, this was the introduction chapter