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I definitely agree with everyone's comments about the art. Especially after looking at recent issue #9, which was pretty cringe worthy.

Like Lord have mercy, that first panel O_O ...

@Son Of Storm I definitely see your point as well. Now I need to know out if Greg knew about the upcoming Secret Wars and what that meant for Storm's solo...

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We are not at issue #12 yet but now that we are more than half way through I can safely say that Storm's solo series was quite disappointing. It started off nicely, decent introduction, but it just never took off like I wanted it to. Issue after issue I waited for an actual direction to manifest but only feeling disappointed in the end. You could say that sales figures showed a similar sentiment. Her first issue sold rather well, which means there was some kind of interest in the character. But as the books became further lackluster so did the decline in sales. It pains me to say this, being a huge fan of Storm I really wanted this series to be awesome, but I can't pretend to enjoy something when truthfully (and sadly) I do not.

Just my own personal opinion regarding her series.

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Let me just say how happy I am now that Victor Ibanez is back on the book!

Hasn't he BEEN drawing for Storm? Or are you talking about the covers?

... I'm lost lol

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It's official.

Singers' twitter: https://twitter.com/BryanSinger/status/558437540831567872

Alexndra Shipp will play as young Storm in the next X-men film.

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I hope things start picking up fast, I wan an actual plot and destination for the series to keep me genuinely interested.

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Sooooo... lol When does Storm #3 come out? :)

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@renchamp said:


Thread: Be on notice that the next person to sass me from this forum will receive a three day ban.

Can you do that? Ban someone because they were being "sassy" toward you? I mean it's not like someone was throwing harsh insults at you either...

Genuine question by the way :) Does sass warrant a ban?

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Just read #2 btw! I enjoyed it, however I can't wait until things start to pick up :) Something tells me her issues on the aftermath of Wolverine's death will be GOOD!

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@malachi_munroe: Cool, I always thought Storm being immune to electricity would be logical. But as we've seen, it depends on the writer at the time...