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Sooooo... lol When does Storm #3 come out? :)

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@renchamp said:


Thread: Be on notice that the next person to sass me from this forum will receive a three day ban.

Can you do that? Ban someone because they were being "sassy" toward you? I mean it's not like someone was throwing harsh insults at you either...

Genuine question by the way :) Does sass warrant a ban?

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Just read #2 btw! I enjoyed it, however I can't wait until things start to pick up :) Something tells me her issues on the aftermath of Wolverine's death will be GOOD!

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@malachi_munroe: Cool, I always thought Storm being immune to electricity would be logical. But as we've seen, it depends on the writer at the time...

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Haha awesome! You have great dedication :) I am a bit disappointed though... I would of expected Storm sheets or something like that. Your bed just looks surprsingly... normal :D

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The only thing that scares me with Telepathy is knowing too much. I mean the ability of going into someone's mind and literally having access to anything is a bit frighting to me. The temptation to cross the line and invade someone's privacy is a bit uncomfortable. Also, you know how in comics there are instances when the telepath loses control and you can just hear the constant chatter of everyone's conscience in your vicinity. What if you are in bed when this happens and you are just trying to fall asleep!

What's to stop you from completely abusing this power. Knowing that you never have to take no for an answer. Never have to be turned down from anything since you can basically make anyone do whatever you want. I feel like it is so easy to go nuts and abuse a power like telepathy.

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@highheeledhoe: oh, it's not just stupid. it's contradicting CANON. the only times the phoenix force was shown to inhabit anything other than a psychic were those nonsensical what if stories (which are not canon, and spidey had it in one of them btw) and this instance. it's like flipping a quarter, but just 1 time when it lands it turns into a pony. as for the mutant classes thing, marvel has been very inconsistent with using them to say the least, so make what you will of them. but the PF thing is set in stone, just look at the list of hosts prior to the P5. rachel, madelyn, jean, the cuckoos etc. all of them psychics.


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I am very excited to see how Greg will present the impact of Wolverine's death on Storm :)

Which reminds me, did any of the writers give Storm some kind of "moment" or reaction toward Kurt's death?