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Tim is WAY to good with the staff to be an Oracle-esque character.

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I hope Tim and Steph will get back together in the New 52, they were awesome together.

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Hal fought Parallax to a stalemate, who is on par with Ion, so how is Ion more powerful than Hal?

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1.) Hal Jordan (He killed Krona, best feat) 2.) Ion 3.) Kyle Rayner 4.) Mogo 5.) Alan Scott 6.) Guy Gardner 7.) John Stewart/Kilowog

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@thanobomb1124 That was a cool ending, wasn't it?

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Superman isn't even that powerful. If he was as fast as the Flashes, he would be able to enter the Speed Force. And Wally can run on nothin by making Speed Force energy, and doesn't need air to breathe due to having unlimited energy from the Speed Force, where Superman does need air. Also, Flash can fly. By moving all his atoms whatever way he wants them to go, which could be up, up, and AWAY!!!!!!

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Wally ran 500 times the Speed of Light, isn't that enough to cement his victory.

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@RazzaTazz: I don't think so, since Dick and Donna never flirted, and neither did Tim and Cassie, but you can tell they care very deeply for one another, and if you see it as romantic (I do), than, you do... I guess. But yeah, I think Tim and Cassie love each other.

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@luckydomino1 One, it's my opinion, you can't say anyone's opinion is wrong unless you have factual evidence to support your contradiction, which you can't, because I'm talking about when he reaches his prime, not NOW, so any evidence you have is in the present, and can't be used in representation of prediction or advancement, because I never once said he's the strongest now, I said if he continues to escalate like this, I BELIEVE he WILL be. And two, yes, they are fictional characters, but why make characters and stories unless they mean something to you and hold a special place in your heart, because Tim got me into comics, and I'm grateful for the opportunity he (meaning the people who write him) gave me to be able to immerse in a culture of art and literature where the IMPOSSIBLE means POSSIBLE, so Tim holds a very special place in my hypothetical comic book heart, and I don't find it laughable at all. And finally, I HATE Kanye West, he's an arrogant asshole douchebag, and you saying my blog is laughable is being way more of douche bag than me snapping back in defense of my article.