Tim Drake and Cassandra Sandsmark-Possible couple?

In this post, I'm going to talk about the Tim/Cass relationship. To me, this, and Tim/Lynx are my fav pair-ups for Tim. As a fan of Justic League and JLU, I really like the Batman/WW pairing a lot, so it only seems natural that there protegés have a relationship as well. I never really like the Conner/Cass relationship, and it seems like the New 52 is leaning toward Tim/Cass, and Conner/Rose. Tell me what you guys think, is this the way to go? I think so, but I'm asking you guys what you think.


Your Teen Titans Dream Team.

In the comments list your Teen Titans dream team. Please label the leader(s) as well.


Tim Drake Wayne (Leader)

Kid Flash (Bart Allen)


Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Static Shock

Lynx (Anti-Hero/Occasional Helper)

Miss Martian

Aqualad (Black One)

Blue Beetle





Tim Drake-Deadliest member of the Bat-Family?

I love Tim Drake. He's tied for my favorite DC character with Hal Jordan and Wally West. And I have one question:Could he be the deadliest member of the Bat-Family? Now, this is my OPINION, but I say yes, he will be. What does that mean? Well, In terms of Bat-Fam deadliness, it goes Bruce-Dick-Jason. Jason beat tim many times as Robin, but he has gotten a lot better. I think right now, he is almost as good as Jason. And for the Damian fans, Tim demolished him in Red Robin #14, as he always held back before. His intelligence exceeds ALL members of the Bat-Fam, including Bruce. Bruce said Tim was smarter than him before. Dick said so as well, also adding that he was a better Robin than Dick, and he will probably be a better Batman too. NOw, Tim is also the most like Bruce. They are the two smartest-the World's Two Greatest Detectives- and use that in their most difficult battles. All members have experienced unspeakable tragedy- but Tim has had the most. His parents were killed when he he was 13-15, which means he bonded with them more than all the other members. His two best-friends(Superboy and Kid Flash), his girlfriend(Spoiler), a love interest(The Old Lynx), Bruce, Darla Aquista, and some other people. His skill with the Bo Staff is unrivaled, as he is the best Stick Fighter on Earth. He is also very agile, of course, not as agile as Dick or Jason, but quite agile. He is very Tech-Savvy, and his skill is comparable with that of Oracle's. He fought and gained the upper hand in a fight with Dick as well. Ra's Al Ghul now believes Tim is his worthy successor, not Bruce, and called him Detective. He outsmarted Ra's, took on the Russian Unternet, defeated the Council of Spiders while protecting Tam, is practically unstoppable if he has prep before a battle, outsmarted Lady Shiva, created a systematic way of stopping all criminals with The Hit List, and has done all this... at the age of 17. I believe, when Tim is older, he will be the greatest Martial Artist, Detective (He already is), Hacker, and Batman. He will be the deadliest member of the Bat-Family.