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Superman should not be included in this list. He had a clear parents in Martha and Jonathon Kent. In fact they were the reasons for his development as one of the most upstanding citizens. He is the Anti-batman/spiderman in a sense, in that he is the example of what happens when you have a normal childhood with great parents who are always there for you. His inclusion on this list is really kinda ridiculous when you really look at the facts.

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Black panther cause hes one of the smartest men in the marvel universe so he will find a strategy to win. Though utliamte hawkeye does have special eyes that enable perfect targeting evverytime

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I say Tim and Wondergirl make more of an potential exciting couple.

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Blue Bettle, Superman, Green Arrow

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I think a movie with the New Superman and Christian Bale would be sick as hell!

now just imgaine the new superman instead of the sucky routh! How sick would that be!

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The punisher would change his ways. Really if you look at the psych profiles of both Punisher and Batman, Batman would be the last person to fall off the "No Killing" wagon because of all his ties to other people. People like Dick, Tim, Damien, Selina, Alfred, Barbra. Meanwhile Punisher has no one and one can argue that while on his killing mission, he's on a quest for redemption for not being there for his family and thus if batman makes a good enough pitch, Frank might change his ways to be redeemed. Batman can't cause all the other people in his life will pull him back to remind him why he chose the life he chose.

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Yeah Scot is almost protrayed as almost emotionless really, if the writers can bare for him to show remorse and sympathy directly, do it indirect ways. Like after seeing a x-men on a bad week, sends them to a mssion on a tropical island. Or give authorization to another x-men leader to arrange memorials for Kurt and Cable. That would work perfectly cause it shows the readers that he cares but how he wants to put a persona of nonchalance.