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I'm more curious about the Brutslav organization. are they good? are they an crime syndicate? if ollie is high up in there and he did that while on the island, then why didn't they give him a ride back instead of making him wait all that time?

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@G-Man: I think that's more because she could see who she was dealing with in the club while as the attack at her place was a surprise by some people who she knew were very lethal killers. When confronted with either an assassin surprise or picking a fight with a spoiled rich kid, i'm not gonna blame her for picking the battle that she could actually win todo some damage.

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I wanted to get this comic for my younger female cousin, I thought the premise of girl power sounded interesting, which would be different than the comics that I can usually show her (either they're too kid-like or they're male centric). That being said, I'm glad that I read this comic before giving this to her, the girls wear such skimpy costumes, (it was so bad the characters themselves remarked on it) that I felt like I was reading something dirty. My aunt and uncle not to mention her older sister, would have killed me for giving her this comic. Its a good comic for older readers, but not something that I would go out of my way to pick up since I can't give them to my coz and I'm already reading a lot of comics.

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@geoff2005: you, realize that the synder and lee superman is a new superman comic entirely, right? Lobell's on this comic for the foreseeable future.

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Im liking lobell's run way more at this point than the previous superman writers. Feels more coherent and planned out while at the same time expanding the superman mythos for the new generation. It'll be interesting to see how syder's and lee's new superman comic will be set up and how it goes along with this one.

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So its only planning on being a 3 movie series then?

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Hey i liked the show, really fixed my smallville/superhero craving. Really hard to wait each week for a new episode.

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Well, this is all moot point anyways since MM is on JLA now. I kinda wish that they made the flash black, I know that this sounds really racist but I think that the JL could have more racial diversity and the Flash is the one of the few characters whose whole history was rebooted as opposed to batman and GL (if they had to have hal as the first GL on the league) and having flash as an African-american wouldn't have changed the character that much. They could have also made wonder woman a homosexual or at least bi-sexual. I mean she was raised and surrounded by women, it makes sense that she might have developed romantic feelings for one of them one time or another in her entire existence. Plus that would let wonder woman become even stronger as a feminist figure because it shows that strong women doesn't need men and having her fall in love with a female strengthens that role. They could have also have an asian, or hispanic character. I mean, how hard would it have been to make an asian character? There's so many of us in real life but you have to really think while for a character that's prominently asian in dc comics. the lack of diversity in the JL is really lacking compared to the Marvel's avengers and x-men.

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Hey what could the Shuster's estate do anyway? Its not like even if they got those rights back, they could have sold them to another comic company. Marvel is the only other company that had enough money, except for WB, to buy the rights to Superman and the only universe large enough where Superman could have fit, albeit with some serious wriggling on the part of Marvel. But why would Marvel want to even bother with its own heavy hitters. If anything, they would buy the rights and just keep supes on the shelf to screw over WB and they wouldn't likely pay as much money fir WB for that right. If I was that estate, I would have just argued for a large lump sum or a few grand a year for the rest of existence for superman and require that credit be given to Shuster and Siegal in every work with Superman. Really its the latter I think that's more important cause Superman is part of History now and will no doubt last for ages like Beowulf, David (of the Goliath), and Paul Bunyun and Shuster and Seigal should always get props for creating a cultural Icon.

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I've boycotted marvel for so long but I think I'll lift the embargo and let this marvel comic through. Deadpool I have missed you for far too long for me to not get this.