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I like the idea of a riddler arc, it gives a batman story that can be contained to one comic preventing the oversaturation of bat family crossovers. (I mean i'm not getting tired of the batfamily crossovers yet, but its getting close) I feel that the batman series is overdue for a simple mystery story penned by scott snyder and riddler allows that while also being a villain from batman's rogue gallery that's there mostly for his smarts. While as joker is a psycopath, and the penguin is the quintessential crime lord, riddler is kind of really the Moriarty to batman's Sherlock in that they're both smart men trying to out-think each other.

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I open to the idea. Better that DC try something that will be thought out than a rushed product in the JL all of a sudden. The More time they take in tinkering, the better. If they change their mind later, they can (see hulk's different castings).

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See that's where the marvel ultimate universe pisses me off. They killed off everyone I cared about and because its the ultimate universe, none of them came back or will come back (barring a huge reboot of the universe). That prompted me to boycott marvel for more than a year (I only recently lifted the boycott to get the new deadpool series.) See I can deal with major changes to characters in alternate universe, but a complete absence of characters in that alternate universe? Now my blood starts to boil.

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Wait, is Liefield supporting a DC announcement? I thought he was still really pissed off against them.....

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I say don't forget Simon Baz, the new GL. I know hes a new character but hes really the only brown comic character who has a somewhat major role/power. Plus what I have seen of him is already badass.

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@thiagosantos: I think no one questions captain America because this is America and with Cap's symbology to this country, to question him would be the equivalent of questioning America. Especially because (correct me if I'm wrong) Rodgers is the only captain America with bucky still dead (he is still dead right?) So there can't be 2 sides where one cap agrees and the other disagrees. So to side step the issue that America might have been wrong, they choose to focus on cyclops whose never really taken a hard definite stance on anything as a character.

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No offense, but what was the purpose of this?

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I wonder if and how fable town gets integrated into the new 52, that will be interesting to see.

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apprently lucas had written star wars as a 12 part epic so itll be interesting to see what the next 6 episodes are like.

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Wasn't there just a marvel point one cover with storm and BP holding hands? Im really confused and really angry, not so much as the couple themselves, storm and wovfie, though I feel like there are better combos avaialbale than those two, but because I really wanted them to explore storms and BP's history more and that point one marvel cover seemed to promise that but apprently not if storm and wolvie are shacking up.