Goku's Power Pole vs Thor's Hammer?

Which weapon has more striking power

Which weapon is more unbreakable (Durable)

If Thor used the Power Pole, how would he compare to Goku's usage

If Goku used Mjolnir, how would he be compared to Thor's usage

Posted by Drakiel

Mjolnir. It hits with blunt force, and a fraction of the Odinforce

Mjolnir. Being made from uru, and enchanted by Odin, can only be broken by equal or superior magic to Odin's.

Thor could probably hit harder.

Debatable if Goku could even lift it.

Posted by mrOWMG

Gokus power pole has never displayed any where near the same striking power as thors hammer tbh.

Weve never seen what it takes to break The power pole so no victor.

I don't think thor would use great skill,but he would have more power.

I don't think he would be great with it, That sort of weapon isn't realy his thing ,but I have no doubt that he could lift it up.