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"When the Sinister feat didn't come yet, Storm fans weren't believing that Storm can fry one's brain while I already have been posting that she could, that she can take out the oxygen from one's lungs, etc"

Every bone in your body is made of LIES

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And what is true water?

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When has 616 jean, minus Phoenix, displayed such power? When has she defended herself so effortlessly from a mutant on storm's level?

The feats you've mentioned are nice, and possible. However, that would also require for jean to overwhelm storm's winds, and, without Phoenix? That REALLY isn't happening. I'm sorry, but jean and that bird are a dangerous combo. Jean minus that bird has shown herself to be lackluster when it comes to her feats. There is a reason storms psychic resistance is so high, and her winds have combated tk repeatedly. Storm's methods of attacking are always capable of covering her entire environment. Jean taps out should the pressure become too much. There's entirely too much speculation on what jean COULD do, based on power displays we never really got to see without Phoenix's direct involvement. Storm's feats, on the other hand, are consistent, and heavy weight. Also, psychics can't just turn off powers. That's really not how that works. And after the Emma frost body switch, storm's resistance surpassed standard mutants, WITHOUT her lightning helping her. Emma frost isn't even a threat anymore, Xavier couldn't one shot her when she was resisting, and storm's powers have already strained jean at least once when she got pissed off...her lightning can also counter solid force, so a lot of proving will be required to show jean curbstomping, cause, the things I've read, pretty show that she can't unless she strikes first, and that's not 100% likely either

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@mr_top_hat: without Phoenix, storm could beat jean. Storm's stamina is unreal with her top feats, with 0 strain whatsoever. Her winds counter tk, and the amount of brute force she can summon within a few seconds is enough to send most tk users on full scale defense mode, including jean.

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Doesn't rogue have new powers or some foolery like that?

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Forge built it, Ororo made it happen

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@kasya: technically, anything in the electromagnetic spectrum. And I'm not even referring to what happens when her environment changes.

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"@roddy010: I see you finally got that Log In together lol"

YASSSSSSSSSSS!!! I'm free!!!!

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@malachi_munroe: .............I almost feel like I don't even need to do that.lol people like to think of elementals being like "Avatar". So, if that's the case, she's a class omega fire bender, and a class Odin air bender...........I'm sorry that my black queen can't control rocks....that just means she doesn't have yet another category to be better than 96% of these heifers in the game right now, and from years past.....the northern lights were interviewed about their planetary display, and were asked why they violated their location specific light show contract.....their answer was simple..."Mama made us"