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Doesn't rogue have new powers or some foolery like that?

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Forge built it, Ororo made it happen

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@kasya: technically, anything in the electromagnetic spectrum. And I'm not even referring to what happens when her environment changes.

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"@roddy010: I see you finally got that Log In together lol"

YASSSSSSSSSSS!!! I'm free!!!!

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@malachi_munroe: .............I almost feel like I don't even need to do that.lol people like to think of elementals being like "Avatar". So, if that's the case, she's a class omega fire bender, and a class Odin air bender...........I'm sorry that my black queen can't control rocks....that just means she doesn't have yet another category to be better than 96% of these heifers in the game right now, and from years past.....the northern lights were interviewed about their planetary display, and were asked why they violated their location specific light show contract.....their answer was simple..."Mama made us"

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The other elements are made irrelevant by her already awesome arsenal. She can already take direct control of plasma energy, and her lightning can already get to the standard hotter than the suns surface level. Her psionic powers and her empathy allow her to control the solar winds even to a planetary scale, and she can intensify her powers beyond what nature allows.....the weather already allows her to match and surpass most of the elementals out there, and her fine control (molecular manipulation, powers extending to the air within a person allowing for temperature control that we haven't even seen yet) means if she gets one more upgrade, she MIGGGGGGGHT get overpowered....."might"

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@storm_calling: thanks for the viral links......if only they had been combined with the comic story for an awesome movie.....question: what are you thinking about xmen:apocalypse? I love tom hardy, but if he plays him, I'm screaming racism from the hills.

Since it's a new movie, and a younger Storm, I think they will definitely go with long hair this time

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@jhazzroucher: If she had kept her accent, I might've felt differently in certain areas. But anyone who looks at Storm's character history, and legitimately thinks "Halle Berry should play her!!" Might not actually be a proper fan

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@tdk_1997 said:

@white_mage: Why don't you like that trio?

I like them when they are apart of the ensemble......GENUINELY. But stuff like Schism just makes me violently angry. It also pisses me off that Wolverine is portrayed in such a holy manner, while Scott is demonized...............The only thing that really rivals my dislike for that, is Uncanny Avengers

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@tdk_1997 said:

The X-Men comics were better but your statement that Charles,Jean and Storm were the most important characters is untrue.They never were the most important.Nobody was being forgotten and nobody had more limelight than the other but for me when the story was considering Jean Grey the most I never liked it.I can't stand Jean and I would be really happy if good writers came to the X-Men books and wrote stories in which central places have Scott,Emma and Logan.

Lol no thanks. We had this, and it just so happened to be the worst era in X-Comics.


That trio is disgusting, and they honestly tend to plague the X-universe. It's downright awful that Marvel milks their storylines so frequently.