Mission Code Name: Big Mama!

Storm is raged out of control and is threatening to destroy the planet. She's bloodlusted! At her strongest. (Be sensible though, nothing to do with the star she created or something like that) 
The government want her taken down! NOW! 
Choose a team of 4 CURRENT mutants excluding Franklin Richards, X-man, Apocalypse and his horsemen, Jean Grey. NO DEAD MUTANTS.
They have 3 days prep time. In San Francisco. Win by DEATH
Lets get BIG MAMA! 



Lets Play...........KILL MAGNETO!

Pick a team of 6 CURRENT mutants - Excluding Franklin Richards since  he can alter reality. and X-MAN since he has been described as powerful as dark phoenix
They have one week to take down Magneto at his strongest.  
He has a feeling something is up so prepares for an attack for 3 days. 
Fight takes place in Genosha. 
Win by death only. 
Please use logic and explain why you think your team would win. Just posting 6 names and nothing is just not debating. 


Dude i can fly but can i fight?.....Nah your Sh**e! lol

Just wondering what everybody's thoughts are on this. Are people who fly still good fighters like h2h compared to non fliers. Like sentry he just relied really on his brute strength. Angel is a good fighter in the sky but would he still be as good a fighter grounded? 
All opinions are obviously welcomed lol  


Wonder Woman & Athena vs Superman & Hercules

Setting takes place in Asgard. 
Wonder Woman at her strongest. 
Athena has inherited zeus's lightning bolt. 
 Pre-Chaos War Hercules.    
 Current Superman. 
One week's prep for both sides. The girls are annoyed because they "dissed" their outfits lol 
Win by - Death  


Dude.....I can pull a cat out of a hat!!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about magic users in the Marvel Universe and the fact that a lot of them are over rated in the power department.  
Doom all of a sudden becomes quite powerful in the magic area, so much so that he was at one time a potential for Sorcerer Supreme. Wiccan says "iwanttogohome.iwanttogohome.iwanttogohome" and poof he's home and is a potential for sorcerer supreme. Nico from Runaways i think was a potential.   
 Layla who's a mutant with very limited magical power on earth was also considered. They are all considered very powerful which is annoying because they shouldn't be that powerful. They should be powerful but not that powerful that they are considered to be the new Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme. They are not even in that kind of league yet.
I miss the days when Doctor Strange was Sorcerer Supreme and had power like no other 
Hope all this makes sense lol 

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