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I want to know if anyone here works for a publisher or is freelance, or if they know anyone who does? The reason i ask is because it's what i want to do, i've been told that the salary varys alot depending on how well it sells etc. but i don't care - it's what i want to do.  I've done alot of drawings in various styles (including spider-man and wolverine)
So i'm only 15 at the moment but i was wondering if there was anyone i could get in cantact with who could help me.

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Steve Dikto has the same birthday as one of my friends. (just thought i'd mention it).  I didn't see this one but i would really have liked to! I was just as anooyed when i realised there was a documentary about marvel on tv! I was gutted cause i only saw the last two minutes...

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@Baldy said:
" @MKF30 said:

LOTR's owns this match up so badly it's not even funny...Saruman alone could probably take out Sideous and Dooku at full power.... 
That is funny though how Christopher Lee played both traitors lol in both series....lol

You know nothing of the power of the dark side.  The Emperor has destroyed whole fleets of ships with force storms. No way in hell can these guys beat him. "
I beat him... ok it was on a game but hey!   lol.  Star wars would win easy.
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Never seen 500 days of summer and never heard of this webb guy either. 3-D might work for spider-man but i'm unsure that big fans are going to be happy at all with a whole new cast and director.
Is this 2012 movie going to be spider-man 4 or starting from the beginning again?
also, does anyone have any good ideas about who should play spider-man? am i correct in saying sam raimi had Jake Gyllenhaal as a back up?

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i noticed you added that bit about christian bale whn he had a go at the lighting man

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a fair question remembering that superman flew around the world backwards fast enough to turn back time yet the flash claims to be the fastest man alive.