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Here are ten non-graded, non-variant modern day comics trending on eBay for example:

There are many more ways to filter and search for comic books trending here!

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I was playing around with the eBay api and created a "top list" of books that are filtered by most expensive, most watched and most bids. I was hoping it is useful to some of the users of this forum. I have a few more ideas but require the comicvine api to either be working or explained to me in greater detail. Check it out and let me know what everyone thinks. :)


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I was having the same issue and seeing as that there isn't much chatter going on at the moment I fear the api might be dead. :(

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I've been trying to use the api resource "issues", passing my apikey and the publish_year of 2012 and instead of getting a limited number of books, I get a result set somewhere in the 200,000 book range. I know that can't be right simple because the results shows older books than those published in 2012. Can tell me how to get the "newest" book listings? Here's what I have so far.