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Douglas for Hank was a real bone headed move and what the hell is with his voice is he trying to sound epic or is it just cracking up,Wow I am feeling bad after waiting years to see my favorite Hero on the big screen and then this. Good grief

Long live Hank Pym

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Yes it is time to get Hank into the Marvel U and give him his due.

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.Alan Moore ya he should be number 1

All so I have to mention Doug Moench loved his Moon Knight books.

I do not see Bendis this guy ,garbage House of M, His Moon Knight was nothing special and he is now trying really hard to kill Guardians of the Galaxy maybe I need to read some of his older books but the ones I have tried to read are all real bad except Moon Knight but even that was kinda blah..

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Most of these posts are dead wrong and way out of context ...What characters from the Watchmen did Moore steal? that story was groundbreaking at the time it came out and if you dont know that then you did not read it when it came out. Thou I am not sure of the age of the posters here I will say you better do some more research in to the topic before writing this kind of garbage..

Also Jack Kirby and a lot of other did get ripped off look it up it was sad really with all the millions of dollars that have been made you would think that there is plenty to go around...

And one more thing let me know when your next comic or graphic novel is coming out or you STFU with your half truth slander talk..

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5 Stars thats a joke really this is just bad.. I really have only this to say has to what Bedis has done to Guardians of the Galaxy ...


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Can we get some good stories instead of retreaded old sales gimiks I am talking about GotG 0.1 Bendis can only modify a story i have not seen him tell one of his own in a long while .. Do we really need Iron man in another Comic I wan to read GotG not Avengers oh wait everyone is a Avenger right? I think the whole lets outfit all the cast with stark armor has been done remember Force works hahahahahaha ahahahhaahah how did that work out? well at least Bendis was not writing it...

PS .. So long Marvel it was a nice run hope your partnership with new Disney goes well....

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Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler nonononononononononooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You get new armor you get new armor This reminds me of the whole West Coast Avengers ending ..

Oh Bendy here is a hint the Armor looks like shit!!!

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What no Captain America or Wolvie come on at least put Spider-Man in it..haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

What a joke Iron man needs to stay in his other 250 books give us GotG stop with the whole bendis bullshit...

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The Captain America movie was one of the worst movies I have had to sit thru I will not watch part 2 with little bucky running around..

I cant believe they pushed Ant-Man back I think of all the movies the Ant-Man with Edgar Wright will be the best with the way Edgar can make a movie ...

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