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Okay, it's The Innocent Guy. I remember reading him in The Killing Joke and thinking, "Jesus, this guy's scary." I even watched a couple people on YouTube perform his monologue. But it was just hard to describe him now because that's kind of the whole point of him.

But anyway, thanks for the help, guys. In telling me to be more specific, I had to keep thinking up new ways to describe him and eventually landed on the right ones.

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Okay, so I can't remember in which novel or where I remember seeing this guy, but he was just this average nobody who just wanted to kill Batman for basically no reason, which is why he's so dangerous. Batman would never suspect him and would never know when he'd strike. I don't remember him playing a big part in whatever he was in; I just remember thinking that he was actually kind of terrifying and feeling some genuine pity and fear for Batman's life, that this guy is planning to kill him just to kill him and there's almost no way he could see it coming.

That's all I remember about him, and twenty minutes on Google has turned up nothing. Anybody know who I'm talking about?

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Fat Raiden is the best.

Also, I think it's pretty funny to see multiple people dressed up like Waldo.

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So because she's beautiful and smart, she must have superpowers? I don't hear you asking if Batman has superpowers just because he's able to survive goddamn everything, take down goddamn anyone, and invent goddamn anything he wants.

Annnnnnd this is why I don't read Comic Vine. Tony is just full of dumb ideas.

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go! go! vietnam!

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Brutally Honest: A Review of Comic Vine's Videos

 I said it in regards to the Brutally Honest: Thor Trailer video and I'll say it again: Learn from Giant Bomb and Tested. I could barely make out what you were saying half the time because YOU WERE FILMING INSIDE A MOVING CAB. God, just WAIT until you get back to the office or somewhere! And it all just feels so unprepared, like you guys had the idea while in the cab, happened to have the camera with you, then said, "Do we need to plan this out? ...Nah, just start rolling." 
Here's some sample dialogue: 
Guy: "If you got the killing, it's like, you never know what to expect." 
Girl: "You do... well... I disagree with that because if you DON'T have the killing, then you know what to expect." 
Um, what? You disagreed so you could make, quite literally, the exact point you were disagreeing with. Then you elaborated on that point for the rest of the video.
It's an interesting topic, but WOW. Really? Comic Vine has been around for awhile. Occasionally I'm on Giant Bomb or Tested or Screened and I'll see something that Comic Vine just posted that sounds kinda cool, then I come here and it's like... I don't know. Maybe I'm spoiled by the other Whiskey Media sites because they've got guys with like a decade of experience working, but man, sometimes it just feels like somebody needs to take the reins at Comic Vine and say, "Listen, we're raising the bar on what we produce. We've got good ideas; now let's just work on the execution." 
I'm not saying the site is bad. I'm just saying that it feels like they're making mistakes that could be easily corrected if they turned their chairs and politely asked Vinny and Drew for some tips on video production. They're like 20ft away. It's the Whiskey Media family. Collaborate.
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No offense, but even though Comic Vine has been around longer, it could learn a lot from how Giant Bomb and Tested handle presentation. Those cuts were pretty distracting.