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I enjoy building my own hype for a film by following scoops online...and I think if the studio is careful about what they release, some early scoops are okay. But, when someone on the inside is 'leaking' unreleased information I think this is just sad.

I was thinking that studios could use this against people and just reveal bogus propaganda information to throw people off the scent....or use lightly radiated bills to trace the leak *ahem* - The Dark Knight.

Spoilers ain't going anywhere...but I think if you don't wana know...then just don't go online.

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I have to say that I enjoyed the episode...but the characters really seem to be in a state of flux here one minute Rick's quite happy to kill two men to protect his family the next he's risking his life to save a guy who tried to kill them, then he's driving him outta dodge to set him free, then kill him, then not. Laurie is changing her tune ever episode almost like she wanted Rick and Shane to go at it and was happy to take whoever came out on top (I can't stand her). I'm sorry to see Shane go (especially after loosing Dale) he had some of the best scenes in my opinion - but it had been building for a while. These last few episodes have been much better than the first halve of the season hopefully they carry this momentum through to the new season.

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Also, how could the military lose to the walkers? If five people (four of whom were untrained) could take down a crowd of a dozen to twenty walkers, then how could the military fail so badly?

Good question, one I've been wondering about since I saw Rick make it out of the hospital up to where the military were stationed in the first episode.

Ha-ha Loads of friendly fire incidents? When Shane is in the hospital in a flashback, we notice down the hallway that a soldier is being attacked and he let's rip killing a few people around him...these people will turn and become zombies pretty quickly.....clutching at straws here.

I like to think by the time the knew what was happening they couldn't get strategic positions and a large percentage of people had already turned. The hospitals would have been filling up with people with 'bite injuries' and chaos would have ensued.

By the time they napalm the city they've already lost the ground assault.

But it begs the question whether the military are still present somewhere and are just letting this play out...and also on a larger scale if it's just the States....or the World that has been infected.

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@Whatchuptu: I completely agree. I even forgot her name I only remembered her as Sophia's mom. Although there have been some nice scenes between her and daryl but in my opinion this will just give Daryl more emotional depth if they do kill Carol off after she and him became good friends.

They had a scene this week where Carol thanks him for searching for Sophia and he confesses it's also because he doesn't have anything else to do. I hope that now that Sophia's dead that not the writers confessing that they don't have anything left for Carol or Datyl to do!.....otherwise I could possibly see some kinda hook up happening there just for the sake of it, I mean let's face it there aren't that many single woman around and everyone is living day-to-day. I really am hoping that the Daryl/Merle arc continues soon.....

Carol actually goes crazy in the comics....maybe thats what'll happen to her.....

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If anyone looks like there time is up it's guna be Carol.....now that her daughters gone what motivation does she even have to live? She's lost her husband and her daughter in a matter of weeks.

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I never really classed Sophia as a main character in the TV series...I can't remember her having a line of dialouge or being anything else but scared or sad....she was like furniture, just there.

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I think he is quite evil, yes yet some of his actions have been borderline on necessary.( not killing Otis mind you ) I think he's gone about things the wrong way but that's what happens when you allow evil to taint to your soul, your actions end up speaking volumes to your character. .

I agree, his actions have been necessary sometimes.....

Almost raping Lori in the season finale TS-19 last season was one of his low points though. I figure he thinks his days are numbered and apart from Lori, Carl and Rick (in some respects) he doesn't really care about anyone but himself. I guess he's in it for Shane....when came to Otis he thought to himself it's him or me.

He'll feel justified in what he said about searching for Sophia after Rick had to put her down after she turned.....what was surprizing to see was that most of the survivers in Rick's group felt the same...nearly all of them accepted weapons from him...even Carl. Mind you it's hard to say no to him with those veins popping out of his forehead.

He actually reminds me of Jack from LOST quite a lot.....accept he is much darker.

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Yeah it is interesting seeing the relationship between Shane and Dale. As we know Shane "doesn't even like Dale" and Dale thinks Shane "is a bad person".


In the comics Shane is already dead and buried when Dale starts a relationship with Andrea. So I think Dale has 'feelings' for Andrea that are beyond a platonic realtionship......

They will have a showdown of sorts in the coming episodes I'm sure.....but I think Andrea will at some stage choose Dale over Shane. I'm not sure if they will kill Shane off this season...but I'm sure it won't be Dale that kills him.

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I have to say that I enjoyed this episode the most out of the 2 season. It is interesting to see the comparison between the comic book and also the extra spice of the new take on the characters. If it was an exact interpretation of the comic book there would be no surprise factor.


I’ve read through to volume 11 of the comics and so far I think:

Having Shane is excellent as he embodies frustration and at times rage. This is one of main deference’s as Carl shoots Shane in the first few issues defending his Dad. He’s one of favourite characters as he is always a surprise factor he feels like a ticking time bomb.

Darryl is great and is a character that doesn’t exist in the comics I’m looking forward to seeing what happens if /when Merle (also not in the comics) comes back and how this affects the group.

As a whole the comic is a lot darker with characters dying left right and centre which probably wouldn’t be possible in terms of retaining actors. Also it’d be rather bleak in terms of gaining new viewers if characters you get to know/love keep getting pasted.

The episode:

I found it a little silly that everyone sat back and let Shane open up the barn but I suppose he was at the end of his tether. Seems to me that he’s the biggest danger to everyone at the moment I’m looking forward to seeing the fallout from this.

It’s interesting to hear Shane say that Rick isn’t cut out for this world as in the dying moments of this episode he pops a cap in Sophia’s skull. As we know Rick get’s darker and darker in the comics it’ll be interesting to see whether Rick can hold on to his humanity in the TV series.

Anyway that my two cents…..or 50 …ha-ha