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I think Otto will have a long run as the Web-Head, as confirmed with the new "Mighty" hype going on.

While he is a classic, Spider-Man seems kinda forced nowadays. Most of his main baddies and conflicts in New York have faded. And hes implemented in so many Avengers tales.

So either Otto keeps on rolling, or...

I am thinking he'll have to stop Otto from doing something mega bad by psychic warfare, but it kills both of their minds, in a sense. Then maybe a new Spidey will rise, or maybe he can be put to rest.

Live in a hall of fame of sorts, better than what they did in the Ultimate Universe, but still.

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Really like this. REALLY like this. Interested to see this "twist" of yours :p

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That looks amazing. I'm hoping later in the game's lifespan they will offer it for everyone.

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@TheCannon: Thanks bro

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If you have not read the previous 2 issues of Dark Chronicles: Nightdevil or would like to check out any other "New Amalgam Universe" titles, go here.

Dark Chronicles: Nightdevil #3

Hell's Haven Courtroom.

3 years ago

Grayson: So I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you will let this woman get away with cold blooded murder...

I indicated the defendant. What I grasp of her is very little: a short, bitter woman. I hear the rosary beads swing from her neck. She killed her son. People say she isn't sane. As far as I'm concerned, a murder must be brought one thing, under any stipulation. Justice.

Grayson: And that concludes my statement, Your Honor.

I sat back down. The judge leans forward. Judge Marilyn Baldwin. Old harlott has been a judge for nearly 23 years. And a b*tch for all 67 of them. But I respect her. She believes in the good of the law like myself. Doesn't tolerate any foolishness in court.

Judge: We will take a 5 minute break. Do not discuss the case at hand with anyone else. Court dismissed.

That damned gavel. Still unnerves me after all these years. I collect my things. This case is as good as won.I have her pinned down. Only a matter of time before she's given what she deserves. I hear her lawyer try to comfort her. "Everything will be fine." He says. Heh. Poor thing. I pity her. All high hopes, yet about to be crushed by the realization. Hope it makes her suffer. Probably stop by Foggy's this afternoon. Go over those files one last time.

The court resumes a few minutes later. Judge Baldwin looks toward the jury.

Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?

A man stands up. Short, kinda heftier. He sweats like a pig. Nervous, this probably being his first case. He's afraid of making enemies. Especially a psycho-b*tch who kills her own flesh and blood.

Man: W-we have, Your Honor. We find the defendant, Cathleen Thompson, guilty of First Degree murder.

Judge: Very well. I sentence the defendant to 63 years in prison. No bail. Court dismissed.

The gavel rings out again. I think I have a migraine. Defendant starts crying in anger. She lashes at me. Claws the side of my face.


She is apprehended by security. She gets escorted out.


I watch as she is removed from the court. I ask myself, "Am I truly a demon in disguise?"

Matt Grayson's apartment.

1925 Hines Ave.

2 hours ago.

I pull back my closet door. Get suited up. Steel toed boots. Half-mask with demon horns. Black leather suit and leggings. Giant red "V" across the upper torso. Stands for vengeance. Walking cane detaches into 2 Escrima Sticks. I plan on making my parents proud tonight. I plan on moving 1 step further to remove corruption from my city. Justice being served. It's all I've ever asked for.

Research. Heh.

Hell's Haven Abandoned Octocorp Warehouse.


Take out the sentry on the roof. Done. Perimeter is clear. Time to make a move. I scale up the side of the roof. Trying to be stealthy. God, I feel like an idiot. I am an idiot. But an idiot with a righteous cause. Lets see if we can get some intel...

Woman: Well ,well, Kerry, you did your role well. Kenny Trynn was a serious nuisance to the "Big E", and now you've paid off your debt...

Kerry: Oh y-yes, yes! Thank you ma'm, Thank You! You have no idea--

Woman: Don't thank me just yet, darling. You see, you now know how this shtick here works.. And well, the "Big E" doesn't like outsiders knowing about what goes down here. And since your talents are of no use to us, I fear you may have to take a... Permanent Vacation, hm?

Kerry: Oh god. No please no! I won't tell nobody! I swear it!

Woman: Harrison!

The man named Harrison crept on Peter Kerry with a crowbar. The sounds of blunt metal meeting with bone shakes my very core. His screams are choked out by each blow. Damn. Even a scumbag like that didn't deserve this. He deserved hard time in prison. Not having his life stolen away in a cover up. I suppose it's time to make a move.

I crash through the window. I hear the shouts of panic. I take out the nearest guy. Bullets are fired. Roll out of the gunners' line of sight.Knock the AK47 out of the nearby cronie's hand. His face gets kissed by my Escrima stick.

Woman: Look alive, boys, someone's playing hero! Isn't that just sweet? KILL HIM!

More bullets. I find cover behind a machine of some sorts . Keep your nerve, Matty. You got work to do. I evaluate the situation. Three men, all armed. And that b*tch who seems to run this operation. Aside from this "Big E" figure. Focus. Need to develop a plan of action. I hurl an Escrima stick at one guy, and take flight up to the railing above me. Bullets fly. I evade. Close into the other two men. Dive from above. Both are taken down. Pick up my weapons. Close in on this harpy.

Woman: Oh, how unfortunate. We'll need some more of those guys...

I get a visual of her as she talks. Big, fur coat with hood. Short to no hair. Fairly skinny. Odd choice for a female enforcer. And too grunge for a socialite.

Woman: As for our "daring" crusader in arms, I think it's safe to say its under wrap. HARRISON!

I hear him yell as he charges at me with the crowbar. Duck. He over swings. I capitalize. Escrima to his face. He staggers. He swings again. I block. Hit for block for a good eight seconds. I leg sweep him. He falls. I strike him hard in the jaw. He's out. Turn my attention to the woman.

Woman: Huh, looks like I'll have to take care of this myself. You see, I used to think myself a freak. But the "Big E" showed me what I truly am. A force to behold!

She removes her coat to reveal an odd costume that I cannot accurately make out. She emits electricity from her hands.

Woman: The name's Electrowire. And I. AM. POWER!

She puts her hands to the floor and channels the energy at me. I panic. Leap in to the air. I have one shot to capitalize. Hurl my Escrima at her. Stuns her. Ground floor is safe again. I rush in to finish this. She hurls a bolt at me. I evade. I swing my Escrima. She catches it. Electricity courses through me. She lets go. I fall down. She grabs me by my torso.

Electrowire: I thought you'd at least be more entertaining than this.

She shocks me. Unfathomable pain. Feel my insides burn crisp. I fall to the floor. See my Escrima stick a few feet away. Must get to it. I begin to crawl. A hard boot crashes on my hand.


Electrowire: Pathetic. You are just a boy in a Halloween costume. Fighting with two sticks.

She grabs the Escrima. It charges up with electricity at her grasp.

Electrowire: *laughs* Two sticks made of metal.

She plunges the charged Escrima into my spine. Flashes of light appear before me. She damaging my very nervous system. Migraine's coming in. Oh god.

She gives another thrust. Good news: Migraine's gone. Bad news: I can't feel my head.

Electrowire: I hope you crawl out of here and die by a sewer. Your a waste of time for the janitor to clean up.

She cackles that maddening laugh. I hear her footsteps as she leaves. Agonizing torment. I cough up blood. Can't move my hands or legs.

So, is this truly the end? Did my mother and father; Jekyll; even Peter Kerry. Did they die in vain? Were they just gamblers now without a horse? Has vengeance been served? Did the Crusader Without Fear die today?


This concludes the three-part origin miniseries known as Dark Chronicles: Nightdevil. This will be succeeded by the ongoing series Nightdevil: Crusader Without Fear
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I want to have Wally and Donna and all of the cool elements that made the Titans what they were. But I don't want them force fed to us. Give it time. Let it make sense that they come back. Don't be all "WE STEPPED THROUGH A MAGIC PORTAL CREATED BY A DRAGON, SO LETS FORM A TEAM AND KICK ASS!" That'd be awesome. But not something I wanna see in a comic book

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Thrawn Trilogy anyone?

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@DCsuperman0007: Captain America (wins) VS Batman

Spider-Man VS Superboy (wins)

Thor VS Wonder Woman (wins)

Wolverine(wins) VS Lobo

Catwoman(wins) VS Black Cat

Elektra VS Huntress (wins)

Deathstroke VS Deadpool(wins)

Daredevil VS Doctor Mid-nite(wins)

Cable(wins) VS Cyborg

Kyle Rayner VS Nova (Richard Rider) (wins)

Zatanna VS Scarlet Witch (wins)

Hulk(wins) VS Solomon Grundy

Archangel(wins) VS Hawkman

Ray VS Cyclops(wins)

Aquaman VS Namor(wins)

Black Canary (wins) VS Mockingbird

Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (wins) VS Wonder Man

Captain Marv-vell VS Captain Atom (wins)

Green Arrow VS Hawkeye(wins)

Flash(wins) VS Quicksilver

Martian Manhunter(wins) VS Vision

Joker VS Green Goblin(wins)

Lex Luthor (wins) VS Obadiah Stane

Two Face VS Red Skull(wins)

Nightwing (wins)VS Moon Knight

Black Panther(wins) VS Wildcat

Red Hood (Jason Todd) VS Punisher

Thanos VS Darkseid(wins)

Bizarro (wins) VS Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Lizard (wins) VS Killer Croc

Iron Man (wins) VS Hal Jordan

Atom (wins)VS Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

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Nice! Got the cool chemistry of Silver Surfer with the whole Amazing Fantasy esque. Aka freaking nice!

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So. I noticed that while a lot of people have black nameplates, some people have Red/ Blue names. My first though was "Oh they must be mods or something." But I realized that some hade a "MODERATOR" bar under there name and some don't. So my question is... how do you get one? Is it if you are premium?