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what does any of this have to do with the planet of the symbiotes. Im betting Bendis changed the arc past solicits

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Pretty sure she is RoZ Solomon after this issue. We know that this new thor has meant Darrio Agger, and out of all the list of candidates it narrows it down significantly. Other than that, the way she talks in her mind indicates that she has little knowledge of Asgardian ways and speech patterns, so she doesnt talk this way in real life. In my mind i wouldnt have minded if it was one of thors granddaughters, and it could be thor's child/daughter if his daughter is the mother of the three godesses, but I am putting my monney on Roz Solomon. other than that i would think its Jane Foster, but I think Aaron had this idea for a while and decided to introduce Roz earlier on in order for readers to actually get to know her before she became the new thor

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Either Roz or Jane. Jane is in Asgardia, and maybe by using the hammer it can help her cancer, thats another reason why Freyja might have allowed her to come. It also could be Roz, because she is a recently introduced character, and Aaron said he has been planning this for a while, so he could have been building her up as a character before giving her the hammer. Hoping its Roz, but I think I'd be ok with it being Jane.

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Love the tone the trailer gives off. I have a feeling that somehow hydra will be involved with the corruption of Ultron, because the twins r with him and they were last seen in Hydra's base. Spader has the perfect voice for this, ultra creepy, but I have a bad feeling that once they beat ultron, cuz lets face it they will win, there r more avengers films on the way, that the drones will just die Phantom Menace style like in Avengers 1. What they need to do is have this film have lasting consequences, and by the tone it looks like alot is going to change in this movie, im excited for May!!!

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@fil123: Yes i have, I am god and i see the future and all my opinions are facts, and i for certain know that this isn't fanboyism overcoming logical assumptions that the future may not be what i say it is. I honestly dont like the character that much and wish they went down a different road, and until my opinion-fact is disproved i will continue not liking it just cuz :p

But in a serious note, knowing Tomasi and his love for the character i sorta thought this would happen and hoped we could have had Damian's death had a longer consequence, cause you get more meaning out of it. I also wanted to see a new Robin and instead its the old one and it bums me out

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lame and so not worth this build up. he was gone a year, its so freaking pathetic that DC cant actually do something different and new. Damian was gonna come back no matter what, but no way did i want this so soon and especially him coming back as Robin. Goodbye, character moments that involved his death and how it affected the family, goodbye any development made my Bruce, and goodbye to any diversity added to the Robin mythos by playing it safe and bringing back a character who literally died last year. im so freaking disappointed

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....ok apparently layman didnt read the previous issues, or hopefully this will be explained and this preview is just incredibly misleading

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This is what happens when DC editorials screw up the runs that their creators are doing to put in what they think is best and therefore ruin the story for the fans and creative team. How many writers and artists is it now that have left DC to go to Marvel after DC editorial shafted their runs? J.H. Williams, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Andrea Sorrentino, Russel Dauterman, James Robinson, and now Jeff Lemire. Yes he is stilling doing books for DC but like Charles Soule, I have a feeling Lemire is going where the grass is greener for the creators.

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The only reason I dont buy it is that page where Bruce looks like hes fighting an alien invasion. Alfred says it himself (in the preview, its not spoilers), that Crane created a drug that gave him visions of his death, and Bruce said it worked like waking up when u die in your dream, thing is i believe this whole arc is going to be a waking nightmare scenario, that no matter what, when Bruce dies, he is still trapped. The big reveal at the end is awesome, but if its not real, i just hope they can make it work

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im reading this to spite the new shitty creative team on Green Arrow, insisting on destroying what Lemire created to shoehorn in their mediocre Arrow elements. Plus its Lemire writing Animal Man and GA in a book together, its hard to pass up, even if the story needs to get better