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Unpleasant 0

First off, I am not a big fan of Alan Moore. Certainly I can appreciate some of his work (V for Vendetta, even though it has aged badly) and greatly enjoyed others (Miracleman, the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), but in my eyes he is not the wonderful master writer the general comic book community seems to see. This, the second series of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, demonstrates that. It begins rather brilliantly, with the first issue set on Mars and detailing the gathering of an...

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H'Amercia, #### yeah! 0

Super nazies, punching, adventure in a period setting.... this is possibly the best war film i've ever seen and, as it happens, one of the finest comic book movies too. Considering the last war movie I saw was Inglorius Bastards, the worst war movie I've ever seen, I now have a best and worst.As someone who has never actually read a proper captain america comic (the closest i've come is Civil War) I don't think I was burdened with familiarity toward the character so I was able to enjoy it on tha...

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Huzzah for free view! 0

From the minute I read the synopsis of the source comic, then saw the trailer, I knew I would dislike this movie. First off, I am not a fan of anything Mark Millar does. To me he just takes established ideas, characters etc, fiddles with them to make them "his" and then churns out derivative material by the bucket load (though this does seem the most original of his creations at least) So the comic did not interest me. Then I saw the trailer (the red band one) and instantly I found myself dislik...

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