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I like it. They are trying to do something different with the character so they deserve some respect for that. On the subject of the DC cinematic universe the Batman Vs Superman trailer got me more excited (and not just because its a big screen movie with two of my favourite comic book characters) than the trailers for Iron Man and Friends 2 (also called Avengers Age of Ultron). A lot of this negativity is (in my opinion) down to Marvel just being more hip and cool to be fans of at the moment. And I am no DC fanboy. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favourite films last year and a far better movie than the first Avengers. Hell, it was a lot better than most movies of last year. If DC are going to take a risk with the Suicide Squad like Marvel did with Guardians, good luck to them.

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When I read somewhere that the mma female champion from that Stephen soderbug (not sure how to spell his name) film was interested I thought, that would be good casting. She was perfect. This lady... eh?

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Speaking as someone who truly hated the Dark Knight Rises and Bale's performance as "Batman" I can honestly say I like this casting. Affleck has improved greatly over the years and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Can't be any worse than Bale with his bloody mouth hanging open all the time and that silly deep voice he put on even when he didn't need to.

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I've gone from really liking Simon Pegg to not. Maybe its over-exposure, or that I think he's the worst of the cast in the new star trek, or that I was hoping the World's End (his new comedy) would have been more Nick Frost centric only for it to once again centre on Pegg. Unless its Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead I don't really consider him good enough to carry a movie. He's good in those two movies because of the supporting cast, Nick Frost especially, primarily due to their close friendship. On his own he's either dull and unconvincing (Mission Impossible 3 & 4) or terrible (Scotty in Star Trek).

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Problem with all this speculation is expectation getting so high that whatever the end product is, it will be a disapointment.

In my mind the Clone Wars was about cloned jedi and other craziness (I think as a result of a brief passage in one of the hand of thrawn books by Timothy Zahn) and what we got was instead kiwi troopers that turned Star Wars into Clone Wars. Personally I would like the new series to be set in the future in the Star Wars universe, much like the legacy series (can't see that happening though) to just move the cinematic franchise onward, like the expanded universe did in the novels and comics. Some of the Expanded Universe is terrible, some of it in my opinion eclipsing the movies, and whilst its likely to have no bearing on the new movies if the film makers are sensible they can learn from it and make something good.

Star Wars does not occupy the same place in my heart that it used to. I hate the Clone Wars cartoons and even the original trilogy has lost some of its magic because of how awful (Attack of the Clones) or just plain mediocre (Revenge of the Sith) the prequels are. But if Disney can grow a pair and not just cater to sodding children and think beyond merchandise (won't happen I know) they can maybe save Star Wars from the hole its sunk into.

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I loved the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and I have to say, this got me more excited to see the adaptation than the trailers did for the Dark Knight Rises.

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Alfred telling Bruce about it taking time to get into the swing of things is more likely a playful poke at Bruce being useless around women following the death of Rachel.

I wish I could hyped about this movie and type about nerdgasms and fanboy squeels but I just cannot shake how disapointing I found the Dark Knight and as a result, I simply don't feel anything other than apathy for the third installment.

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Does Dredd need a perky female sidekick? No, not really. Megacity does not look like how I envision it to look and it looks a little too serious. Still, maybe the second or third trailer's will sell it better.

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It looks better than the Raimi movies (not suprising really considering its newer), the cast looks better, the villain looks better... but still the Amazing Spider-Man doesn't interest me for reasons I do not rightly know. I look at the trailers and think "meh" I'll maybe watch it on Box Office if I feel like it. I feel the same way about the Dark Knight Rises (though that is more to do with the Dark Knight killing my interest in Nolan's batman saga)

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Despite my dislike of everything to do with Joss Whedon I wanted to see this. But it seems the universe decided I should not. Soon after it was released in the UK I made arrangments to go and see it, only for work problems to scupper that. So a week later my friend and I went for an early showing (1040) only to discover the cinema not open. Then... well, you get the picture. I'm just going to wait for the DVD now. Bit of a disapointment because I was really looking forward to the Avengers on the big screen

Next film I'm going to make an effort and see is Prometheus. Spiderman and Batman are out, zero interest in them.