What happened to the Red King?

Hokay, does anyone know what happened to the Red King after Skaar was thrown through the wormhole to Earth? 
I ask this because he just ceased to be shown, save for a frame in Son of Hulk #11 where he and a bunch of Sakaarian survivors are boarding a stone ship. He's not onboard the stone ship when Hiro Kala goes off to Gaiusar. Maybe I have missed his demise somewhere along the line, or maybe the writers and everyone else involved just forgot about him? As far as I can see, this is his last appearance. 
On a similar note, do we actually see the death of Princess Omaka, the Red King's daughter? In Son of Hulk #16 Hiro Kala makes a bunch of those lame three legged Giausarian guys explode, the Princess Omaka is amongst them, and it is said by a character that Hiro Kala killed the Princess as well. However, we do not see her death. She is not seen after this so its safe to assume she's a dead 'un, but as a fairly important character for her death to be missed like that is a bit rubbish. 
Please, the deaths of the Red King and his daughter are shown feel free to call me a silly sod. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this

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