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Well that's one way to redesign Falcon

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Oh it was ad blocker never mind.

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I just have a black rectangle where I imagine the embedded video is supposed to be. I am surprised I am this pumped for this movie.

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Here's the list: https://www.comixology.com/Nightwing-Sale/page/2485

So basically:

-1995 miniseries

-1996-2009 Pre 52 ongoing

-2011-2014 New 52 ongoing

-Then miscellaneous other appearances

I don't really care about any of the Forever Evil/Grayson crap they are pulling so maybe what you consider Nightwing at his best Nightwing-ness.

I already read the 1995 miniseries and the first arc of each ongoing. I hear the Talon issues of the recent ongoing were good, but there are those Chicago ones too...Yeah any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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Glad to hear it

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This episode had a lot of moments that I did not see coming, the opening was certainly an awesome beginning. The introduction of the Flash characters I guess is a good use of synergy but I found their scenes very jarring simply because of the transition to the Flash's cinematography. That show is also going to be essentially a crime procedural, how is it going to have such a bright and positive lighting and musical score?

Anyway, I am really hoping that they don't degrade Thea, I have finally liked her this season and she actually became one of my favorites. I think if she doesn't reconcile with her family she could at least be a considerable third party. She has proven herself capable this season. They are trying to redeem Laurel but I don't think I will ever care about her. This show has had the unfortunate habit of making at least one character at a time be the physical embodiment of PMS'ing. It'd be nice to see them try a different archetype for their supporting female characters.

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This episode felt like it had some pacing issues but I think I'm warming up to Sarah's portrayal, both of the Lance sisters still seem pretty wooden to me. I'm happy to see Ben Browder getting work, even if it as a sexist minor character.

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The press release for 111 made me spend some time thinking about who the traitor could be and I decided that it would be Robot. So seeing that in this issue wasn't only surprising in that it happened in this issue, not 111. But if the betrayal actually happens this issue, is there another one coming in 111 or was that a press release that was intentionally misleading to preserve the story's surprise? Regardless, this book continues to be my favorite month after month.