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Flash should slow down 0

I have never been a fan of the Flash. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I don't like the Flash - He was cool in the Justice League cartoon (Wally West) but I had never picked up a Flash comic book, until the New 52.The first thing that grabbed me was the beautiful artwork - the kind you want to hang on your wall. Next, I was captivated by the writing and character development. I had asked, what could be interesting about a guy that moves super fast? Like Superman, his power seemed too great....

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Algebraic 0

As a Quote, un-quote "Adult" I am always pleasantly surprised how consistently Lumping good this show and comic-series is. I have been really enjoying the Adventure Time Comics - especially the tid-bits that can only be enjoyed by adults. When I heard that Marceline the Vampire Queen (My fav character) was getting her own mini-series, I did a little dance. And I have NOT been disappointed.Here we get a team up of Quasi-Frenemies Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, who we have learned from the epis...

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Very promising! 0

Im being stingy on my rating here, because we honestly havent seen enough, theres A LOT of characters that we dont know and a LOT of teasing.Without spoiling anything. This issue starts with quite a shock and then introduces something that makes you think you've got it all figured out, just to take it away again.I am REALLY enjoying this series. I would say it's Teen Titans if it was done by Mark Millar. I really want to get to know these characters and some more about their back stories. I like...

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Go Now!!! 0

Ill make this short and sweet. I got this digital only - Captivated by every single frame on every single page, the second I finished it i said out-loud to myself - I need to go buy this issue.Here we see Batman as we never really have - Defeated! The art and layout put us into his broken mind as we stumble through the labyrinth with him. Im not a big fan of the New 52, but this series and The Flash are both amazing.This issue is a work of art....

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