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This is a top notch item, typical of the Hot Toys line... right up to the face. I have a handful of these great pieces but will pass on this one only because of the head sculpt.

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The last Rambo was an ok movie for a 60-year old who can't seem to let it go. Of course the same thing could be said for the last Rocky, too.

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I don't see why he's worried about the the "been there done that" bit with the Holocaust/Nazis. Look at Wolverine--they spent maybe 15-minutes with him being a young kid and all the wars. Magneto's childhood could easily squeeze into 15-minutes without being too heavy handed.

Maybe McKellan should be more worried playing the "other side" after his role in Apt Pupil.

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Personally I thought he won because of 2 reasons and 2 reasons alone:
1) He's deceased
2) The other nominees were weak choices

I think it was more or less decided from the start that he would win.

And no way should TDK, as much as I liked it, have even been in the same boat as the other Best Picture nominees.

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Firestar, but I've always had a thing for red-heads.

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Understood. In the sake of getting this minor task off my "to-do" list, do I basically need to jot down all the issue information, save the cover images, and so on for the one that needs to be deleted and just add them back in to the correct volume?

Unfortunately, for the sake of accuracy, the one with the most issues is probably the one that needs to be deleted so I want to make sure the steps are accurate and the correct volume will be removed.

EDIT: Sorry, just saw the note about NOT being able to delete volumes yet. Duh.
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Bumping after roughly a month. I have some up updates for several issues, but have been holding off to make the needed merge easier.

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I recently joined the Vine and have been trying to help update issues of comics I have like a good little boy.

I came across some GI Joe comics from Image. To be specific, #13 with Firefly on the cover. It, and many of the other GI Joe comics lists "GI Joe" as a character, which is technically inaccurate. But that's not the question...

I tried adding Cobra Commander as a character and noticed the only "version" of Commander is the one in Devil's Due publications.

I read where it said not to add the same character for different universes, so am I interpreting this correctly? Do I add the Commander from Devil's as opposed to adding a new Commander character for Image? Or is there a way to search on Cobra Commander and have his "profile" show him for both publishers?

Note Cobra Commander is merely an example--it looks like a lot of the Joe characters from Image are like this (some listed under Devil's but not Image and so on).