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I can't speak for everyone, but for me it was how far back he set the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Prior to him the Ultimate line had some of the best books out there. Ultimates 1 and 2 (AKA The Avengers) were almost single handedly what brought the Avengers back into the spotlight. And then Jeph Loeb comes in and writes Ultimates 3. That's the day Ultimates fans all around the world cried. Characters were written out of character. The story didn't make sense. Doom was somehow the villain at the end even though he didn't show up until the LAST PAGE. And then came along Ultimatum. The next big Ultimate event.

It. Was. Balls.

This is what set the entire Universe back. Years of work, including some of the best stories Marvel had been writing at that time. And Jeph Loeb set it all back in FIVE ISSUES. I'm not going to go through all that was wrong with it since there's really too much. But I'll leave you whit this list of deaths unnecessary deaths that happened. Again, all in five issues. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimatum_(Ultimate_Marvel)#Deaths

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I was kinda hoping it would last half as long as Angelo Furtonato's duration was, but sadly, that would make life better. 
That was Marvel's second worst mistake, after being bought by Disney.

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I think they should do Lethal Protector, or Dark Origins.  But the problem with both of those is that they both include Spiderman.

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I don't think that he's osborne's b***h.  This is what I think.  When the hole regristration thing started, Venom joined because it meant that he got to beat up on Superheroes and be a hero for it.  Plus it was a good way to let the symbiote be let its violent instincts out.  Plus again, it could mean that he could get to beat on guys like Spiderman with not only the law, but other superhumans as well.  Now that he gets to eat Skrulls as well, he's all to happy to go along.

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Firstly, I really liked the game.

Secondly, while it didn't follow to to to much of the comic Universe (and what game does save excluding Ultimate Spiderman) it made a lot of cool references such as...

Thirdly, ...the costumes.  Throughout the game you get different outfits.  They are, Classic, Black suit, Spider Armour, Ben Rielly, Spiderman 2099, Cosmic Spiderman, Iron Man suit, and Spider Carnage.