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So by showing us Val in a Superman suit basically tells us theyre going to have to put Kal-L down

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This has confused me I've seen article on here and other sites call it Earth-0 but i have also seen people call it Earth Prime which when i hear it i cant help but think of Superboy-Prime and evil things.

Also if it is Earth Prime why not call it Earth-1 because it sounds odd to go from Prime to 2, And if it is in fact Earth-0 then what and where IS Earth-1 since we have already seen people from 2 and 3.

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I love this series to death but it kind of flip flops sometimes like you think they will and are going to do this or that but instead they just kind of sit around. And do weird things with characters who you think are going to be big deals and staples in the team like what happened to Citizen Steel?? and what happens to Atom only three or so pages in (Gets arm heat visioned off and beat (maybe to death) with it. And seeing Mr. Miracle working for Darkseid without a real explanation yet? I also caught Bedlam calling Superman Kal-El instead of the usual Earth 2 name Kal-L and i know not that big of a deal but i always thought Kal-L was a character all himself instead of alternate superman

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So in Earth-2 they reintroduce the golden age or just jsa characters lately with rather large twists to them but they also throw in some people that they just wanted to be in and one of those is the Earth-2 Red Arrow who works for the world army with judomaster and the atom and the sandmen but the identity has me rather confused at one point on this site i believe it had his name as Roy McQueen which i thought was a cool way to combine both arrows but now they are saying this is where Connor Hawke is going to be placed and i was wondering if anyone could clarify.

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Neither of them would really my first choices i have seen some people say Michael C Hall would be good since he is done with Dexter. My question is if it is a Pym movie why go Ant-Man i would much rather see Giant Man movie to where he could also if he wanted shrink down.

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All-New X-Factor, maybe the new Punisher and maybe New Warriors. Probably get the first for Elektra
Was gonna get Surfer but i just dont like the team or art or really the direction they want to go. Was excited for a new Ghost Rider series but since it isnt Johnny or Danny but another all new Rider ive changed my mind

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I know i wouldnt happen but i think it would be cool if Judgement was a curve ball and had nothing to do with X-men and was about Ghost Rider. Buuuut it probably be about Scott and his X-men being put on trial, I can't imagine what his punishment would be.

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I was wondering if anyone else would be interested if they built up the brotherly rivalries like bring back Ares and start fighting with Hercules, or Bring back Balder and start a feud with Loki or find a way to fight Thor or have a free for all and have all three fight each other

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With Marvel announcing that sometime after Infinity during the Inhumanity event Terrigen Mist falls on the earth and awakens dormant Inhuman abilities i cant help but think the people of the Marvel U will have some kind of backlash towards these new Inhumans that i think will be pretty similar to how they feel towards Mutants right now. So do you guys think that they will share the same boat as the Mutants or will this take heat off of mutants for a while and be replaced by Inhumans?

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Wow they are really gonna Axe them so that they cant even finish their own Arc