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We Are Legend: Tokyo

After the destruction of WAL in Los Angeles during the first CVnU civil war, the Japanese government created a successor to the original team. This was a way of returning the favor, for it was We Are Legend who was there to help, when the 2011 Earthquake/ Tsunami hit the country. Bigger and daring, ex-Navy Commander, Hannah Schwind, was selected to govern the sister operation. Stationed in Tokyo, the new We Are Legend seeks to continue what the trio of heroes had begun and liberate the world from darkness; from East to West.

And at the front-line, Tokyo Force-- a counter-terrorist group, comprised of some of the world's strangest and most remarkable individuals the drums of war could ever call upon to fight.

Tokyo Force Members

Kabuto Rider

Uchiha Hotaru


Moira Marquis

Mikoshiba Akio


Son of Wukong


Hiro Castle

Once belonging to a warlord in the 14th century, this white and blue castle of old is now used by We Are Legend: Tokyo as a base of operation. Hidden from sight, this gem remains a forgotten relic in Hinohara, a municipality belonging to the Nishitama District. While appearing traditional on the outside, its interior has been remodeled to resonate a more modern and elegant presence, while still retaining its ancient roots. Very spacious, the building is about roughly 300-feet or so. Surrounded by a moat, the only way to reach the front entrance is to cross the stone bridge near the local town square.

Castle Interior Features:

  • Suites for members.
  • Library.
  • Kitchen.
  • Lobby.
  • Meeting room.
  • Courtyard
  • Private baths.
  • Tea room.
  • Sushi bar.
  • Lounge room.
  • Lunch room.
  • Secret arcade room.

Castle Exterior Features:

  • Four lakes.
  • Two waterfalls.
  • Rich fauna and flora.
  • Hot springs.
  • Cherry blossom forest.
  • Interfaith shrine, for all creeds.
  • Monk monastary for the Sisterhood of Huoyan.
  • Indoor Dojo.
  • Sports complex.
  • Japanese garden.
  • Koi pond.
  • Bathhouse.
  • Tea house.
  • Various small restaurants.
  • Hiro Park (Townie community.)
  • Townie square.
  • Townie town houses.
  • Townie marketplace.
  • Man-made canals.
  • Farms.
  • Stables.

The castle is located right in the middle of a large park, protected by 100-meters of stone walls on every corner. Winged Guardians vigilantly guard the walls 24/7. Cannons and howitzers are mounted on every watchtower. This is not only to protect We Are Legend personnel, but for the safety of the community living within the walls.

With the inception of the Japanese branch, poor and homeless families were invited to live in the outer-grounds. This was done to establish a flourishing economic system, though small. As of now, the settlement sits at 3,400 people and rising; the bulk of the workers dedicating themselves to a life of agriculture, preferring a simple lifestyle. These people refer themselves as "Townies", and their home, Hiro Park. Despite the isolation, citizens must abide by the same laws as any Tokyo resident.

The Dome

Sitting beneath Hiro Castle, the Dome serves as the military bunker for We Are Legend: Tokyo. The grit and grime is hidden under a doormat for good reasons; to keep the military strength concealed, and to not defile the natural beauty above. The only way to reach the Dome is by elevator at Hiro Castle, where access is exclusive to only WAL personnel-- or, by using one of few secret passageways throughout the exterior grounds.

At 10,000 strong, We Are Legend has never been stronger. Soldiers and non-soldiers alike, work together to keep the world safe. 60 percent consists of infantry troops; 20 percent is aerial; 10 percent is naval; 1 percent are Winged Guardians; and the rest are non-military, such as mechanics or scientists. New weapons are created everyday. Recently, giant mech technology has been added to the organization's array of arsenal.

The twenty-footers are called "Big Brothers", and are dropped via helicopters to assist ground forces. It only takes one pilot for sortie. HQ is in constant contact with the pilots, in order to give assignments and deliver mech statuses. Models of Big Brothers differ from types. There are currently only three available:

A pilot getting ready to wreak havoc with a Big Brother

  • Zeus: Are the big guns, who serve as tankers and reinforcements. They are strong and durable, but slow. Typical weapons: flack cannons; rocket launchers; railguns.
  • Hermes: Are the recon units, who mainly serve as espionage and occasionally for assassination assignments. They are very fast, but not as strong or as durable as the other models of mechs. Typical weapons: pistols; sniper rifles; grenade launchers.
  • Hercules: Are the infantry units. They are the first to be launched into the fray, and the last to pull out. They are the equivalent of the common soldier, but are anything but. They are the most balanced of the three Big Brothers. Typical weapons: fully-automatic guns; laser rifles; shotguns.
Under construction

There are current works for a 60-metered prototype mech. It's in early development, but the results will shake the foundation of the globe.

The Winged Guardian Corps:

A Winged Guardian Sergeant on the move.

The few and the proud, fashioning a green cape with the feather insignia. Not everyone that enters the academy leaves a member. It is a physically-demanding job. The Wing Guardians are the core sentinels of the army. They are the last line of defense, responsible for turning the tide if things get real ugly. Expert killers, they hone their martial arts and parkour skills, training rigorously everyday. If not for the presence of the Tokyo Force, the WGC would be the top dogs to beat.

Their choice of gear is the Vertical Maneuver, an omni-directional mobility device, giving the wearer the ability to scale any surface. One simply aims and fires two grappling hooks at something, then the device activates a gas mechanism, which reels oneself towards the area that was marked. They can then disconnect the hook and start anew, progressing through the air.

The main weapon of choice are steel blades, which are wired to the Vertical Maneuver, for easier sheathing; two on each side. While they prefer traditional weapons, mostly because they follow a Bushido-like honor code, Corp members do not shy away from using long-ranged weapons. If they are tasked to take down a super-powered, they are willing to resort to shameful tactics to eliminate an opponent, such as using nullifying guns. These guns do not kill, but merely disable powers for only a few seconds, giving them an opportunity to deal a killing blow.

The Staff

Marshal Hannah Schwind:

"Lighting up the darkness hasn't been enough. We must evolve, or we'll be left behind. From now on, we work in the dark, to serve the light."

She is the director of We Are Legend: Tokyo. Given her teenaged looks, this grey-haired, German-Japanese woman is actually 30-years-old. Decorated from top to bottom, she was once the commander of a submarine. Her prowess and charisma bought her the "chair" at WAL HQ, where she spends most of the day at the command center in the underground bunker, plotting new missions and overseeing the conditions of the world around her. Though always smiling, that grin can quickly turn into clenched teeth if innocent lives are on the line.

Captain Kurt Schwind:

"What are you doing just standing there? Move out! We've got one hell of a fight ahead of us."

An expert Big Daddy pilot and leader of the mech force. He is the no-nonsense, younger cousin of Marshal Hannah Schwind. Before becoming a mech pilot, he was a jet fighter pilot for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Not a lot is known about him, since he rarely ever opens up; or for that matter, smile. Though overprotective, making sure his men and women survive a rough day of battle, don't expect a hug from him at the end of the day.

The Sisterhood of Huoyan:

"One should not judge fire by its capacity to destroy life, but by its capacity to bring new life within the ashes."

Accused of practicing witchcraft, an all-female monk tribe--belonging to an offbeat Buddhism sect-- were forced to flee the snow-capped Tibetan mountains after angry villagers ravaged their homes and temples. Magic to some, the sisters were in fact chi masters, enlightened in the practice of body-manipulation. They could mend virtually any wound or disease; except, they could not revive the dead. If they could even do that, they would not try it, believing death is the natural process of spiritual cleansing for the coming afterlife.

Upon hearing these revelations, Hannah Schwind offered the sisters sanctuary, in the condition that they agree to lend their healing abilities within mutual understanding. And in return, WAL would build them their very own temple near Townie Park. The arrangement was made, thus, the Sisterhood of Huoyan were officially inducted into the Were Are Legend family. Before, the community only had an obsolete medical ward. Now, the sick may visit the temple for health recovery.

Contrary to the common myth, sisters within the creed are actually permitted to marry; if anything, it's encouraged, but only after the proper age has been reached. This is done so that the next generation of daughters can carry on the mantle as healers. (Young girls begin their duties as monks usually at the age of 13, as students. The men live separate from the Sisterhood, but practice their way of life accordingly as the duty full-fillers. Women are revered in their creed. When a woman has left the Sisterhood, the husband must promise to respect and maintain her.) It is said that when a woman has reached the age of 30, she has endured the indecisiveness of youth and is now mature enough to understand what she needs. Once the blessing has been given by the elder mother, the sister may leave the Sisterhood and seek marriage if she so desires.

Every tribe has an elder mother within the Sisterhood. These leaders do not marry, because of their commitment to the stability of the creed. The elder mother is replaced, after she has died. A successor is chosen through a vote among the sisters, according to who is wisest.

Mr. Roboto:

"I detect sadness. Do you want to play?"

The inflatable robot with a heart. He was created by We Are Legend's robotics division, with the sole purpose of maintaining the Hiro Castle clean/operational and assisting WAL personnel's needs. He cooks, cleans, and even plays games with you if it detects that you are bored. If the castle is ever compromised, he will go into combat mode. The white puff will enlarge and equip himself with armor, granting him the strength of an elephant.

CVnU-Where the Legend begins

Jason Drake

We Are Legend is a superhero team created by two powerful families, Jason Drake and Abigail Knight (both former heroes and Izaiah’s parents) and Heather Johnsen (former Feral Nova and Zoe's Aunt). The trio of former heroes were brought together during a time of need for heroes, not the one's that fly around majestically and blow up the bad guys, but a group of heroes that showed compassion towards the world and had a burning desire to be the people's hero. With the Drake family taking over the technology of the group and Johnsen taking care of the financial covers, the the three were able to come up with a group that would hopefully make a positive impact on the world; We Are Legend.

Abigail Knight

This team was created to bring heroes both new and old together, to be a mentor to each other and an inspiration to the world. The group focuses on one thing, Light up the Darkness, now what exactly does that mean? Where ever darkness hides, where ever it tries to cover the world, We Are Legend will be there to shine light upon, to bring hope where there is none. WAL doesn't strive to be the strongest group, but strives to bring the most impact towards the people of the world. They do not reign with an iron fist, but with compassion and empathy towards those who need their help.

Heather Johnsen

While We Are Legend is a well known hero team in California, they are also globally known for their help during natural disasters crisis, including their heroic rescue after the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan.

To keep the identity safe of its members, all secret identity are kept in a unknown disclosed location that only Jason Drake and Abigail Knight and Heather Johnsen know. No member of the team is forced to give away their identity to other members of the group, only to Jason and Heather. If the members want to share their identity, it is up to individual.


The team’s location is in the mountains that surround Los Angeles in Southern California, being given approval by the California State Senate thanks to the persuasive argument that the large state could use an extra hand in dealing with the states steady increase of crime rates. The HQ of WAL is close enough to the city to respond quickly to events but far enough away to avoid any damage to the city if an enemy were to attempt to attack the team base. But just because the team is located in Los Angeles, doesn't mean that they are isolated to only working in the Sunshine state.

WAL Members

Feral Nova

Real Name • Zoe Olisnicky.

Age • 18.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Blonde.

Home Town • New York City, New York.

Identity • Secret.

Powers & Abilities • Very mild form of pyrokinesis; unable to be harmed by fire and able to manipulative fire to a slight degree. Keysi fighting method with a mixture of parkour and a twist of bartitsu.

Quote • Light up the Darkness!

Mini Bio • Zoe Olisnicky is a 18 year old teenager who is born into a long line of female vigilantes who have been known as 'Feral Nova', women who are born with powerful pyrokinesis powers that is passed down to one member of the family at a time. Now with the untimely death of her older sister (Laura who was Feral Nova), Zoe made the difficult choice of picking up where her sister left off, taking up the mantle herself. While the past Feral Nova had not only the proper training but also powers powers to be able to take up this responsibility since birth, the young teen didn't have either. Having to teach herself how to fight and working with the 'powers' she had, she not only struggles to stay alive in a world filled with super powered villains, but to give the name Feral Nova, justice.


Real Name • Caelum Atarxia / Zacharias Drake.

Age • 16.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Black.

Home Town • New York City.

Identity • Somewhat Known.

Powers & Abilities • Regeneration/Metamorphosis, Omnilinguality, Animal Spirit Companionship, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Elemental Manipulation of Water, Frost, Light and Tachyons (Time/Space).

Quote • I'll save the day tomorrow!

Mini Bio • Zacharias was unaware of his origins until the day he was dragged back in time, to Ancient Egypt (Amarna Period) by Isis. Having a genetic and spiritual potencial practically tailor-made for the situation (the war between corrupt Pharaoh Ikhnaton and the Eternals of Heliopolis), the Eternals 'Illuminated' Zach, stabilizing and amplifying his Hekau (psionic powers), and gave him the exiled Lord Setekh's fabled weapon, the Dominion Scepter (or 'Ghimir Blade'). When the Eternals won against the Pharaoh, Zach went agains their plans however, and killed Ikhnaton (believing it to be in everyone's best interests), and then on his return to his home era, he rescued his mother (Abigail Knight) from the accident he had remember watching her die in. Zach learned that his father, Jason Drake was secretly of the Nitari of the Xantroa, the same alien race as the Eternals, and had been the hero Savant; and that his mother had been the magic-wielding heroine Lady Iltani. Whereas they had given up vigilantism to better protect their children, Zach (as Izaiah, the Lord of Light) was less inclined to stay on the sidelines...

Brick House

Real Name • Giovanni Marquis.

Age • 25.

Eye Color • Blue / Gray.

Hair Color • Brown / Black.

Home Town • Unknown (Ireland).

Identity • Known.

Powers & Abilities • Metallic Skin, Life Essense Drain/Manipulation.

Quote • I lived in hell, and triumphed.

Mini Bio • Ten years ago Gio's powers manifested when his father was beating his mother, in a fit of rage he drained his father of all his life to heal his mother. Now ten years later he travels the world searching for somewhere safe to call home, keeping his mother safe is his sole purpose in life. And he is willing to do this in anyway possible, not a fighter by heart he always finds himself in those situations that need him to fight. He simply hopes that New York will prove to be a home for him and his mother.

Heart Spark

Real Name • Angel Heart.

Age • 19.

Eye Color • Light Blue.

Hair Color • Golden Blonde.

Home Town • Venice Beach, CA.

Identity • Known.

Powers & Abilities • Superhuman Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance, Enchanting Voice, Flight, Peak Human Physical Attributes, and Rainbow Energy Manipulation.

Quote • *Giggles* Hi I am Heart Spark, how are you today?

Mini Bio • Heart Spark (Angel Heart) is an omega level mutant is is endowed with unmatched beauty, wit, and charm. She is caregiver: Everyone needs comfort, a shoulder to cry on. Heart Spark takes her comfort consoling others, and people often come to her with their problems.

The Rhino

Real Name • Felix Jackson.

Age • 24.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Platinum Blond.

Home Town • London, England.

Identity • Public.

Powers & Abilities • Strength, speed, agility, stamina, healing, pain tolerance, resistance to telepathy.

Quote • Jackal. A beast, a carrion-eater that lurks around graves and has been despised since ancient times. That's me.

Mini Bio • Rhinoceros Felix was a Jackal, one of the most deadly assassins on the face of the planet. He is known as the Rhinoceros due to his uncanny ability to charge through any danger, his blade, known as the "Rhino's Horn" hacking and slashing as he goes.

Blue Bolt

Real Name • Arius Athanasios Eilif.

Age • 5.

Eye Color • Yellow.

Hair Color • Unknown.

Home Town • Abysmial.

Identity • Known to friends only.

Powers & Abilities • Unknown.

Quote • It's time for a pre-emptive counter attack!

Mini Bio • Literally a critter that grew in the dark, he came out from a bottomless pit. Unlike bipedal folk Arius had it tough by the laws of natural selection, surviving up the food chain by devising creative methods of natural weapons when he was a puny globling. No arms, no legs and the size of an average tennis ball. All he has is just hard-boiled determination and fiery eyes than never give up, fiery eyes that burn. Molded by fear and the instincts of survival the globling had plenty of adventures without any ray of light, until one fateful moment in time where it was introduced to a catalyst of change. Evolution guides it to develop legs, to stretch out arms and to develop its own sense of unique individuality that surpasses base survival instincts. He now has capability to 'know' rather than to just 'feel', with that new experience in mind the globling decides a name for itself. With a new drive in life it began to question its foundations, yearning to know what lies beyond the ditch. What lives outside and more importantly to find out what 'life' is. With its big eyes Arius sets out to the world to help others as he knows what it feels to be predated upon, observing that bad folk come in different forms. That they need to be kept away.


Real Name • Jayden M. Salvador.

Age • 26.

Eye Color • Brown.

Hair Color • Brown.

Home Town • Orlando, FL.

Identity • Secret.

Powers & Abilities • No physical powers. Kurrent is a capable boxer and street fighter. He has genius level intellect and superb deductive skills. Kurrent uses several hand held weapons customized with the laser formula he stole. He has successfully constructed a sword with a laser like blade, two beretta's and an M-4 that shoot laser.

Quote • Just when you think I am done, you quickly realize that I have only just begun.

Mini Bio • After graduating college with a degrees in Electrical Engineering and Science. Jayden had a hard time finding his niche in the world. He loved what he had studied, but he didn't want to be stuck in a lab all day. After working several odd jobs he joined the police academy passing with the highest of honors. This also satisfied his need to make a difference in the world. As a rookie he was assigned to a dirty prescient. The chief was league with a super powered villain known by the street name The Professional. Jayden caught wind of this and began his own secret mission to bring them down. After a month of planning, Kurrent was about to execute his plan to set up his Chief and The Professional, but he came upon a weapon making formula on the chiefs desk. The formula intrigued him, so instead of planting evidence like he intended he stole the formula and decided to use it for his own benefit. After several tests Kurrent perfected the formula then destroyed it. To his knowledge he is the only person alive with that knows how to create the Kurrent formula as he likes to call it.

Jack Frost

Real Name • Jack Frost.

Age • 200.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • White.

Home Town • Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Identity • Folklore Legend.

Powers & Abilities • Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Animation of Ice Crystal Constructs, Can Generate an Ice-Layered Hide, Camouflage in White Areas, Nimbus Flight, Bo Staff Combat and Immortality (can be fatally hurt).

Quote • I'm not cold-hearted-- numbness is one of my many allergic reactions to stupidity.

Mini Bio • Frost is an elemental spirit of mischief and is the essence of winter. He is cursed to roam the coldest frontiers of the Earth, leaving behind a trail of breathtaking, snow-covered wonderlands in order to mantain a harmonious balance of equilibrium within nature. Being the childish entity that he is, Jack's reckless and trigger-happy behavior has garnered the attention of various governments. Millions worth of property damage, every year, were caused results of Frost's playful snow days and other devastating antics. As an ultimatum, We Are Legend stepped in to offer a choice: join the organization as an act of repentance and a chance to reform; or be placed under global arrest. The Guardian of Winter reluctantly agreed to the terms.

Vermilion Archer

Real Name • Nathan Breda.

Age • 26.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Blond.

Home Town • Newfoundland, Canada.

Identity • Semi public.

Powers & Abilities • Master marksman in archery, Hand to hand expert, Tactician, Special ops training, Military training, Olympic athleticism, Peak human, Survivlist, Preparations master.

Mini Bio • Nathan Breda is an agent of the U.N's metahuman affairs division, not only is he a top ranking agent, he is also infamous for his inhuman skill when it comes to archery. In fact he is arguably the most proficient archer on earth, with five years under his belt of taking on metahuman threats with nothing but his trusty bow and arrows along with an array of trick arrows. He is known for always wearing some shade of orange and his witty sense of humor, as well as always looking on the bright side of any situation.

Kiara Sullivan

Real Name • Kiara Lucine Sullivan.

Age • 20.

Eye Color • Green.

Hair Color • Red.

Home Town • Carlisle, KY.

Identity • Secret.

Powers & Abilities • Abnormal Healing, Manipulation of Energy, Manipulation of sound waves (in small amounts), Increased speed. Blood contains healing properties.

Quote • I will mend my mistakes.

Mini Bio • After losing her parents and nearly killing her grandparents, Kiara left her small home to keep her family safe. Spending many years with a Renaissance Fair she honed her powers and her skills. Eventually she was recruited by the US Government and put to work.


Real Name • Aiden Wave.

Age • 22.

Eye Color • Ice Blue.

Hair Color • Brown.

Home Town • New York City 2099.

Identity • Public.

Powers & Abilities • Egokinetic, Ice Manipulation, Shadow Bending, Ranger.

Mini Bio • Sent from a apocalyptic future where mutants are near extinct, Aiden Wave made his way to the present in order to ensure his species survival and apprehend the individuals that become genocidal oppressors in his timeline. Clutch is known as a Ranger in his reality, a person with extraordinary abilities and masterful skills that is tasked with the duty of protecting those who can't protect themselves, and is sadly the last living man with such a title. He has joined the heroes of WAL with hopes that their message of justice reaches his home-time...

Cellphone Girl

Real Name • Blair Knight.

Age • 17.

Eye Color • Green.

Hair Color • Pink.

Home Town • Chicago.

Identity • Secret.

Powers & Abilities • Absorbs all forms sound and light. Able to convert them into other.

Mini Bio • Blair first discovered she was a part fairie around the time her hair began growing pink. What really gave it away was when she noticed she could control the light around her.


Real Name • Charles Ivan Andrews.

Age • Frozen at Age 28, more than likely in his fifties or sixties in total.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Blond.

Home Town • Likely Moscow, grew up on a U.S. commanded ship.

Identity • Public.

Powers & Abilities • Physical Superiority, increasing strength/stamina while in combat, X-Ray Vision, Echolocation, 70% Control of Brain.

Quote • You have your promises, I have mine.

Mini Bio • A product of "Project Almighty" (an attempt by the U.S. and Russia to create super soldiers), Charles grew into his training easily as he grew up. When the project was discontinued, he was sent to OMEGA, a U.S. regulated military peacekeeping force. He's become the division's greatest operative, going through the ranks. Given personal clearance to "pursue justice on behalf of the United Nations", he has been labeled, officially, a "Seer of the People" (approved by the Commander in Chief and several other world leaders). In common terms, he's been given a license to be a vigilante, in return for wearing the flag to show he represents the United States.

Chevie Heart

Real Name • Chevrolet Sarah Heart.

Age • 20.

Eye Color • Blue.

Hair Color • Pink and black/rainbow when her necklace is removed.

Home Town • Born in Houston, Texas. Raised in Germany.

Identity • Known.

Powers & Abilities • Shapeshifter - She can only change into fully organic beings, that she has come in physical contact with. Flight. Alien symbiote that attached itself to her at birth. It reflects light particles and when she is not wearing her mothers necklace her hair lights up like the Aurora Borealis the creature gave her her powers and she must awaken it to use them. In return she must feed it with regular sunshine.

Mini Bio • Chevie's father was an Astronaught and part of the MARS team that landed on the red planet a few years before she was conceived. It was a mission combined with China as part of the cold war. During the mission her father obtained a small piece of the planet and bought it home to marry his childhood sweetheart, he gifted her a necklace made from the piece of rock, polished to resemble a ruby. Some years later when Chevie was born the piece of rock on her mothers necklet disappeared and was found in the hands of the baby girl, the rock was a small alien life form that attached itself to the innocence and light Chevie projected. The alien creature attached to Chevie and melded with her flesh, laying dormant. Her parents fled the United States and took refuge in a small hillside town in Germany, protecting their child and themselves.

Three years after she was born, Chevie's parents disappeared and she was found by the neighbours at four years old, alone and abandoned. Sent back to the states, she briefly lived with her grandmother, until the old woman died. No one outside her parents had ever learnt the truth about her mothers necklace, so Chevie was unaware of her powers. She was put into an orphanage, but was never chosen for adoption as she was too old. Raised among the orphanage then later at various foster homes. At the age of 15 she discovered that she has been given the ability to shape shift. The alien creature that had laid dormant in her had reignited among her own genetic system and given her the powers to change into any organic shape she could. As long as she had touched it. She also discovered the power of flight. Running away from the place she was staying, after their horror to find her abilities she was homeless for some years, in and out of juvenile prison and addicted to ICE a hard core drug that nearly killed her. She was eventually saved and cleaned up, offered a place on WAL and a way to hone her abilities with other more experienced heroes.

WAL Staff

The upkeep of the entire HQ is done by none other than Mr. French, a man who has worked for Heather Jonhsen for years as her own personal butler and now runs a team of caretakers of the facility. From cooking to cleaning to changing the light bulb and getting the blood stains out of uniforms, he and his team can do it all.

Dr. Hope is the team personal primary care physician, emergency doctor and even general surgeon. Graduating from Harvard Medical she is sharp and able to think quickly under pressure. She runs a medical team that takes cares of the team from doing monthly check ups to giving vaccines, doing emergency care and general surgery she can do it all.

We Are Legend com/flight rings

Entrance to the HQ is limited ONLY to those who carry the ‘Legend’ flying/communication rings. Each ring is passed to each member of the group which allows them to not only to communicate among each other without having to worry about radio frequencies, but also allowed the wearer to fly. These are given to each WALlie and are to be returned if/when they decided to leave the team. If they are not returned at the time upon departure, the rings will be remotely deactivated.

The ‘Legends Never Die’ memorial

This memorial was built after the K.I.A/M.I.A of multiple WALlies during the Japan crisis. It is a building that is located in the center of the city that has information on each Hero who has laid their life on the line for the good of the people. Filled with pictures, statues and even some video and/or audio notes from some current WAL members about them at the time. The LND memorial also serves as a sort of tourist attraction for Los Angeles, having tour guilds of the area Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.