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I pick Wonder Woman to win.

This is a General Rule of thumb that also works in the real world. All things being equal, if both opponents are similar in strength (meaning each one can cause damage to the other). It’s always the more skilled opponent that will win.

World War Hulk is massively strong and durable but not much else. I cannot see any possible way Hulk could even lay a hand on Wonder Woman Much less land any incapacitating or disabling blow and forget about BFR since she can fly. In all honesty, Wonder Woman would not even need super speed to avoid WWhulks attacks. She can do it with pure fighting skill.

Even superman had trouble landing punches on Wonder Woman during their fight in Wonder Woman #219(Wonder Woman dodged all superman’s attacks after the initial punch and landed all her counters)

Wonder Woman was born for these types of battles it’s one of her most important claims to fame as a warrior and AMAZON who routinely and purposefully train to defeat opponets who are considered stronger than themselves. Wonder Woman has done just that plenty of times.

In essence

The day Wonder Woman or any WARRIOR class superheroes loses to LESS SKILLED being because they simply had a raw power advantage (strength) is the day she/they ceases to be Wonder Woman/warrior. Wonder Woman does not lose battles like this ever.

From Achilles to Bruce Lee speed and skill always trumps raw power.

How Woman Wonder Wins?

Off the top of my head, since Wonder Woman’s sword is capable of cutting beings like Superman, Wonder Woman’s sword can easily cut off WWHulks limbs completely incapacitating him without actually killing him due to hulks regenerative abilities. She can rinse and repeat as needed. She stays in character and her conscience is clean since she did not have to kill him. This is a way Wonder Woman can easily use one of WWHulks greatest strengths.... regeneration. against him.


Wonder Woman cans easily BRB WWHulk with her flight capabilities or her lasso.

Hulks raw power advantage may not even be an issue since Wonder Woman could simply remove her Bracelets and gain access to all her natural power which by all accounts is much higher than superman’s base strength level. But like I said above she does not need it to beat WWHulk

How can WWHulk Win?

WWhulk would need to outsmart and out fight Wonder Woman in-order to get in a position to BFR, Incapacitate or knockout Wonder Woman, which should prove physically impossible given Wonder Woman’s abilities and speed. Even if hulk manages to tag Wonder Woman he is still not strong enough to ONE shot her. He would need to literally out fight her which is highly unlikely.

Unless WWhulk has some other abilities or powers other than raw strength Stamina and regeneration, he would lose every time to someone like Wonder Woman.


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@foamborn said:

@outside_85 said:

Unfortunately it immediately showcases Diana as someone who can't handle herself.

Her goal was to show that Wonder Woman's swamped right now which imo is not such a bad idea. She's the God of War, the Queen of the Amazons, a member of the Justice League and Superman's girlfriend which is like being the First Lady of the Disunited Nations of the World plus Olympus is in shambles so Wonder Woman does have a lot of new responsibilities to juggle. I'll judge Meredith on how she'll have Wonder Woman deal with them though, I expect her to be wise and measured, maybe delegate someone, such as Hessia, to rule the Amazons in her stead.

Let me just add this:

  • God of War: Diana hasn't shown to give a hoot unless she could use it for something in any other book, so why now? Especially why now when the mantle doesn't seem to come with any kind of responsibilities?
  • Member of the JL: I think it's far from a 24/7/365 job.
  • SM's girlfriend: Is it just me, or is it wrong to think this shouldn't be a burden? This is the last thing it should be to her.
  • Queen of the Amazons: So new to her it's not had a chance to impact her yet... still unexplained why Hippolyta froze again.

By contrast you have Batman who's:

  • Drunken playboy image he needs to maintain
  • Leader of Wayne Enterprises one of the biggest corporations on the planet
  • Nightly stints around Gotham as Batman
  • Time with the League as Batman

And Superman:

  • Clark Kent, maintaining an actual job
  • Being Superman, a name loaded with expectations
  • Diana's boyfriend
  • Last of his kind... almost.

My point is that Diana isn't more burdened than any of the others, so why is she the one that's cracking?

EXACTLY. WTF is that about MRS FINCH. and why is she clutching an F_ing teddy bear of all things! LOL.....Good points Outside_85

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@agent41 said:

@wdw said:

what the hell did I just read?

This was literally the worst canon Wonder Woman comic I have ever read in.... I cant even remember how long.

I knew it would never be as good as the last run but. OMG its like i was reading Wonder Girl or something.

What a shame

I didn't like the previous run,i don't like her in the JL and in SM/WW. I didn't like the first issue of this new run either. And i still have hope and i'm still waiting for things to get better. If i can do that after 3 years without enjoying WW. Then i'm sure you can have hope for this run to get better.

Its really not about hope in my opinion. Wonder Woman is going to have her ups and downs. ANYWAY i am ok with her in JL and SM/WW. I even was ok with JMS run on Wonder Woman #600 Hell I even though her TV pilot with adrianne palicki was ok for What it was.

But in my humble opinion this has to be the worst WW comic I ever read. However I dont have to wait for things to get better. I will always be a fan and i can always reread Brian Azz run in the mean time. or watch her 2009 Animated movie or the justice league cartoon ETC. and of course wait for her solo movies to come out.

This is a great time to be a wonder woman fan!

but the finches just seem cluless. I will give them 3 more issues

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@outside_85 said:
@squalleon said:

Love this battle...but I have to support my favorite character :P

Superman was thinking he was fighting Doomsday, that may gave him bloodlust but he thought he is fighting a beast, not a fighter of Wonder Woman's caliber, with tricks up her sleeve. I just want to add that because I truly think if Superman knew he was fighting a skilled fighter, he would fight more clever.

Well, if you read the aftermath issues featuring Superman, you would know that Superman (telling the story to Lois) wasn't thinking very much. Infact he admits that if the fight had played out as he saw it (in the middle of Metropolis) he would have killed hundreds of bystanders with some of the moves he pulled.

Add to this he also saw Perry and Jimmy getting crushed, and the Doomsday-scenario was just the last in a series of visions where Superman ultimately fails at keeping Lois safe from Ruin, Brainiac and Darkseid (even if it was just the vision covering him beating Batman senseless).

My point is that I dont think Superman's tactic and behaviour would have changed all that much in this case, if it had been Diana who killed Lois in front of him.

Actually I have that fight lying around :)

Oh, I never disagreed that he wasn't bloodlusted or wasn't giving it his all. I just believe that if he knew he was fighting a skilled warrior he would fight more clever. The effect the battle had on him, was because he was seeing Doomsday, so he was using a mindset meant for Doomsday, you can clearly see that in your own scans. Now that may not make a huge change in the course of battle but for example I think if he knew he was fighting WW, he would be careful for example about the tiara, the lasso, the bracelets or skilled tactics.

Superman is not trained to fight that is why he can be easily bloodlusted and fight like a brawler.

If he knew he was fighting someone skilled he still would still make plenty of mistakes because he really has one way of fighting.

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5 min to go Wonder Woman laid the smack down

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what the hell did I just read?

This was literally the worst canon Wonder Woman comic I have ever read in.... I cant even remember how long.

I knew it would never be as good as the last run but. OMG its like i was reading Wonder Girl or something.

What a shame

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Nobody from GoTG could easily

Incapacitate knockout or BFR Wonder Woman.

Seriously it would be nearly impossible

Meanwhile it would be extremely easy for Wonder Woman to Incapacitate or knockout 4/5 of the GoTG in under 30 seconds(thats being generous to the GoTG)

  • Gamora
  • Starlord
  • Rocket
  • Drax

then simply BFR

GROOT. Without breaking a sweat.

Wonder Woman is way too strong and fast. plus she can fly. I doubt any of the GoTG could even lay a hand on her

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Wonder Woman (The God of War) would win this fairly easily. There is really nothing in the GoTG arsenal of weapons and skills that could hurt Wonder Woman in any type of random encounter. Wonder Woman is simply too fast too strong too durable and way too skilled in battle to be taken down by the likes of the GoTG.

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@jphulk26 said:

@wdw - You are right. I have bought all WW books. The only problem, Azzerello´s WW isn´t a WW book. It´s another character, who Azz invented, who I´m not interrested in. A true WW fan who doen´t like this run should feel no obligation to buy it. In fact what I do is every month I buy several old issues of WW from Rucka to Luke to make sure at least her sales are still up... I think that´s a good way to protest. On the other hand I enjoy that people like Azz´s run. Its good that people enjoy it, so I just wish they´d continue that storyline as an elseworld. I don´t want another character who I can see so many have a passion for completely destroyed or forgotten the same way WW has been forgotten.

Well... to correct you. It is a Wonder Woman book... no matter how much you hate the character this is a bonafide Wonder Woman book.....Just like Perez's Wonder Woman Volume 2 in 1986 was also a Wonder Woman book and yet changed a number of things from Volume one.

Also just like in the 1970's when Wonder Woman lost all her powers and became a boutique owner was still a Wonder Woman book.

Like it or not the Wonder Woman character spands many generations so it would be silly to say there is only one TRUE Wonder Woman because there is not.


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@wdw said:

I am not a Azzarello hater....

But.... if you are a fan of Wonder Woman.... Buy the book. I have managed to collect them all rather than the ones i knew I was going to like....

It makes no sense to boycott it in my opinion... Wonder Woman fans should buy all her books. IF they dont like it atleast they know WHY they dont like it and can complain through the usual channels and know what they are talking about :)

I've bought all of Wonder Woman's appearances since the Crisis and sat though a lot of disastrous interpretations, but Azzarello's was the straw that broke the camel's back. I've read all his issues, I didn't stop purchasing the title until #11. I'll know what I'm criticizing because I'll continue to read the book at my lcs and put it back on the stand. I won't reward DC by buying something I hate, they'll just continue giving me more of it. Other people can call that petty, I call it being discerning and having principles.

As long as you read them as a Wonder Woman fan no problem.... you dont have to buy them as you said..... and no matter how Wonder Woman is written or by who... there is always going to be someone that hates it for the exact reason why you love it and vice versa. Thats just the nature of this business.

Its unfortunate that you hate this run so much.... I think its the best run since I have been following Wonder Woman comics in 1986.... oh well