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After Superman kicks Orion's butt... we can call WW "Super Slut".

(And when did Orion's face get all pretty?)

Kirby made him look a lot like his father.

Really bad idea that I am certain that "The New 52" will run with.

Just like they have with so many other bad ideas

Thus... I do not buy DC comics... and Marvel ain't doing much better.

From a man that has loved comics for over 40 years, and can pay for them... I feel left behind.

Younger people with clipboard size phone/computers are stupid enough to buy this crap so that "old farts" like me can pay for it.

I worked my ass off at home to buy my bundle of comics back in the '60s.

And, I feel that both of the major comic companies have abandoned the people that carried them for DECADES!

Have a nice lunch. I will not be eating this crap.

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Wonder Woman and Wonder Man... but, there would be a name problem... and a sex problem.

So, Captain America and Wonder Woman... "American Woman" or "Captain Wonder"... crap, this has already been done.

Power Girl and Storm, because they have/had that round hole in their costume that showed that they were female... and just call her "Powerstorm"! (Kinda sucks.) So does "Stormgirl"!

Never mind.

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"Young Indiana Jones" anyone?!?

"Young Sherlock Holmes" perhaps?!?

"Young Frankenstein"... hell yes!

Let's just watch "Tin-Tin" for a few years until Bruce gets serious.


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I can not wait NOT to buy this.

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@Trodorne: Bet you are right.

It doesn't need to be boring... but, Superman... Spider-man... Captain America have "easy" origins.

How many times must they be messed with?!?


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First acting like a cross between Rod Serling and the big headed "Watcher" from marvel... It was a while before we saw that he had some kind of mystical powers.

I miss the mask and very flowing cape... he was WAY ahead of Spawn with the growing cape trick.

This is a good look for him, and glad he got his shot in the spotlight.

(Way back in the day... it was cool to know that Spectre, Phantom Stranger, and Deadman seemed to know each other.)

Dr. Fate knew Spectre as a founding member of JLS... and no writer has tried to bring Spectre back into the team.

Or maybe "Kid Spectre" so he can fight "Kid Loki" in a terrible cross-over.

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Gee... maybe a cross-eyed, giant haired, too damn big legged Wonder Woman is what we really need!

At least she isn't wearing blue jeans.

All the other work was great... but, the whole WW thing looks more like fetish art.

Remember when Sam Kieth had a "good looking girls with small pot bellies" fetish?

All in fun... cheers and thanks for the good stuff.

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Looks really desperate.

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Hawkman is like a bar of soap!

You get a hold of him... and he slips out of your hands!

Way back in the '60s, with Joe Kubert drawing him... somehow Hawkman always got cancelled.

I do not understand the whole Deathstroke thing...

Aquaman, Atom, and Firestorm are ALWAYS doomed.

I think Nova and Firestorm came out at about the same time.

And, both have had just about as many re-starts!

So, I shouldn't complain... because I have not bought ANY D.C. comics in years.

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Yes, Dr. Fate looks great!

And, Steve Ditko made every artist after him draw all those wed-lines on Spider-man's costume!

Fate is gonna be a nightmare to draw!

(Reminds me of when they added all that stuff to Moon Knight... that had to be hell to draw!)

All the art is great... loved the Betty and Bond!