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@arcus: Yes, he is. He has the tattoos in his face and he was hired by Ozai to search for Ursa. That is in comics "the search".

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Girls win. I think that Suyin can hold on against Ming-Hua enough time to Lin get to Ghazan. I think Ghazan is slow, lava is slow. Once Lin wraps him in metal he is over, I picture her throwing him in his on lava. Suyin will have a tough time against Ming-Hua but Ming-Hua will have too. But once Beifong join forces they'll win.

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Aqualad wins. I guess Unalaq can only hurt him with ice. How strong is his attacks, Aqualad is stronger, faster and more durable than anything that Unalaq faced.

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Waterbenders wins.

In comics Azula uses lighting faster than in the cartoon.

Also, Am I the only one that thinks that some impressive feats from Unalaq after he merged with Vaatu are his regular power? I mean, there are some moves that he did without his eyes glowing. What do you think?

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I think Dai Li in there best can go better than people here are assuming. The thing is that Dai Li was created by Avatar Kyoshi to be silent and precise, when they act like that they are pretty good together but when they fight face-to-face they go bad. Also they are way better earth benders than Metal police/guards. Dai Li also surprised Toph during the Black sun invasion. I think they can take down the Equalists if they sneaky attack them.

I think that Metal goes down first. No stealth. They can be taken down by Yu Yan and Equalists without know what happened. Dai Li need to avoid than to win, but I see that they can hold the metal and escape. I know they can use the environment but they won't destroy the city, they will mostly use the cables to move and things like that.

Yu Yan archers can kill everybody from very distant but if the team knows their existence they can avoid been in plain sight or go underground and take the drop against them. Remembering that Valchir from Rough Rhinos is a former Yu Yan archer. I think if anyone can close the distance against them, they'll go down.

Equalists are pretty good but here they lack mobility without their vehicles but they have great gear and reflex. They can take down everybody if they play smart.

I'll only say that metal benders are the ones with less chances here.


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Fire wall

Still no proof of how easy, fast and big it would be. Just your wishful thinking.


She also has wooden projectiles. And Toph never reacted against he that close. Again, she will put your team on defense, defense that P'li doesn't have. It'll give room for the other attack. Plus her combo with Yakone is deadly.


There is no evidence that Druk is more durable than Appa. And Appa is way more durable than Kay air shielded or not and Tenzin together. P'Li shots aren't that impressive, isn't undodgeable, isn't that strong. Every shot shows first where it'll hit and when. Suyin metal plates blocked with easy. She only bends her shots when the enemy is behind something and isn't that accurate.


I agree that she can't do that with metal but earth ok. But she won't be able to do that with Nyla. Unless she does that earth bridge but that will take more time and focus letting her vulnerable.


Sandbenders, Swampbenders, Feng Long, Nyla hit him but in all those time he wasn't fighting/attacking. Boarqupine attacked from behind an exhausted Appa that handled it with little effort. What I said is that once he attacks nobody has ever blocked/reacted to him. That's the case here, he is attacking. And yes, Appa is very hard to hit, he isn't just a 10 ton bison he is also a air bender. He has feats that shows him flying with easy under heavy fire, he is faster than airships. Also, nobody blocked or evaded his air attacks , they are powerful and are very large.

Yakone x Amon

Noatak never finished his training with Yakone. Yes, Amom can mess with the aim, he can take away there bending that's pretty impressive but that is skill, not sheer force/power. Amom is nowhere near Yakone level in that department. Yakone has bloodbended an entire court room, including Toph and Avatar Aang, while he was bending everybody he made Toph pick a key and open his handcuff. Amom has just bended two human at once at the most. While Yakone use his bloodbend everyday, Amom hided it. Amom need much time to became a master chi blocker, to learn the flow of the chakra so he could invent the bending blocking technique, while Yakone for years used his bloodbending everyday. Also, Mako and Korra resisted/broke free Amom bending, while the only person to resist Yakone was Avatar Aang in Avatar state. I don't need to say anything more to show that Yakone is more powerful.

As I see, Noatak could be a stronger bender than Yakone but he never reached his potential, so Amom isn't in the same league as Yakone.

The plan

Just look the picture. We starts at the top. We can fly low, near the water. You already said that Suki can go to the lower levels, I don't understand your surprise. But I understand your team surprise once they are expecting us to appear in other places. But thinking on it, your surprise just makes my point more valid.

I already knew that you would say that Amom would bloodbend Yakone. I'm glad that you gave away Suki, so one less for me to worry. To bad for you that if Amom bend Yakone ( well, that if he can see what is happening, once the fire wall is blocking your vision), there are Lin and Ming-Hua that can catch him on the air, so he won't drop on the water.

Yeah, Toph can sense his armor I guess, i forgot that. But what make you think that Appa can't evade her attacks? He has dodged plenty of earth attacks before, multiples attacks at the same time, much more projectiles that Toph can throw by her own. Also there is Azula that can destroy them. And seriously, now you are implying that Toph will hit a flying moving target that is in the opposite side of the arena.

Now, you still has no defense against Lin and Ming-Hua surprise attack. So, as I said before, while your team is worried about Appa, Azula and Mai, Appa evades your attacks, Mai and Azula put you in defense, Ming-Hua and Lin sneaky attack really fast. My team won't need much time for that.

Later we go for Toph as said in the later post.

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My team will be on the air already so no need to rush.

Your airship and plane will be useless against Lin and Azula's lightning. Your plane will only be useful if it's already in the air because you won't have time or room to make him fly. And again I have shown how easy my team can deal with it.

Asami won't have time to improvise anything either. She doesn't have the equipment for that, also the ground is shaking and there is that toxic smoke. She won't have time to think.

Going to water will help for a while but lava goes on water too.

Your best option is Ran. But that drastically hinders your bending skills.

My team still have the airships and our best option, Appa.

Appa can use his air bend to throw the smoke in your team or take Ran out of balance.

While your team still on the ground, Yakone can throw one of them in the lava or in the smoke. This also can be done while they are riding in Ran.

While in the air, King Bumi will be worthless, there will be no rock for him to bend. Asami also is worthless if she is riding Ran. She will only be useful piloting the plane. But I already presented how my team can take her out.

On the other hand, all my team members can fight while riding Appa, none became useless.

Once in the air my team is way more powerful than yours.


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Sozin comet

During Sozin Comet Iroh created a fire circle just by breathing and later with little motion of his arm he transformed this fire in a fireball floating in front of him. He never showed this technique/ability before. So, I have a reason to think that Sozin Comet also affect skills, maybe the amp is so great that some impossible techniques can be done because the bender is extremely more powerful.

Fire wall

Jeong-Jeong created the wall in "The deserter" but the boats stopped before they hit it, so we can't say that it would block them, it could easily only put them on fire. The only time that it moves tanks is during Sozin Comet. I still don't think that he can put a wall that easily as you assume, but let pretend he can, there is no way we can know how large and tall it would be, it's plausible that with the motion of his hands it would create something as large and tall as a human being, no fire bender has ever created so big wall as you want with a single gesture. Azula has blocked a wave made by Katara, but that take more time and movement that what you are implying. Zhao passed through because he fire bended, as Azula can do it too if she wants.


Kai took a direct hit from her and didn't die. Tenzin took an indirect one and continued to fight. Druk has no feats, we don't know how durable he is.


Ok, she invented the metal-bending but we can't give her all feats of metal-bending because of that. Also, "earth jumping" is different from "metal jumping", with earth your jump goes high depending on the amount of earth you dislocate in the form of a column, with metal it depends on the material "flexibility". Toph can be a great bender but the material is a limitation to her. Again, no feats to back that claim and you are assuming that Nyla and her can jump a considerable distance.


You still fail to point out how your team can react fast enough to avoid Appa when nobody has done that before. Appa is more durable than anything that P'Li has ever shot. He is using his armor that blocked multiple fire attacks without problem. It's difficult to hit Appa. Azula can block P'li as Zuko blocked CM.


Sure some have blocked her projectiles but also she hit, pinned, disarmed several fire nation soldier, earth kingdom soldier, Kyoshi warriors, fire nation separatists (comics "rebound"), Katara as well. The thing is that she can hit multiple targets with a really fast attack, this will force your team to take a defensive stance. She can hit Jeong-Jeong faster than he can raise his wall, so he continues the motion he will die, also, P'li doesn't have a defensive movement and has little to no reflex feat, and she can't shoot while in movement and she will need to move to avoid Mai attack. So, with Mai attack we'll have the window to Appa blast you all out of the platform.

Azula can use her lightening as well. In the comics "The search" she uses it as fast as Mako. That is one more thing that your team will need to be concerned with.

I think that a made clear that my team has more chance to attack you first but i'll leave it to the voters. I'll assume that your plan worked and show its flaws.

Your Plan

So there is this fire wall coming at me, Jeong-Jeong, P'Li and Amom are behind it. Nyla and Toph are way behind in the stands. Suki is alone in the lower level of the platform.

My team is behind the wall hide from your team because the firewall blocks their sight. So we jump on Appa and fly low to avoid your attacks and try a sneak attack. As soon we do that we spot Suki by herself. My team can easily take her in inumerous forms but the easiest one is Yakone bloodbends her throwing Suki in the water, Azula follows electrocuting her. One less, five more to go. No other member of your team can see it happening.

Now, moving on. Ming-Hua and Lin can go spiderman in the middle platform, below your team, they can cover that distance very fast. While they do that the others still on Appa. Now there will be another coordinated attack. Appa appears flying while Mai and Azula shoot drawing the attention, and from nowhere (or anywhere: side, behind, top) Ming-Hua and Lin appear. Ming-Hua can kill P'li with her tendrils that pierce steel, freeze her head like Katara did to Cm or slap her out of the platform, we know how fast is Ming-Hua when she get her momentum, so there is no way to P'li avoid it. Lin metal cables will restrain Jeong-Jeong in a way that he won't even see it coming, without his arms he can't do anything, so Lin can drop him on water or let him useless on the ground. Once one of them hit the water Azula electrocutes. Yakone will be there to block Amon, Yakone is a stronger bender that Amon, also we saw that a much weaker bender (Tarrlok) slow down Amon with his bending, so at least it's what will happen giving enough time to Mai projectile hit him and kill. Toph and Nyle can't do anything, they are to distant and Toph can't see anything.

At last we are going for the stands, 6 vs 2. Appa alone can take down Nyla as he has done before while the other can gang on Toph. She is good but not that good. Or Yakone can easily blood bend her and we kill her before we take Nyla.

@lunacyde That's it. In any case the fight will take less than 5 minutes.

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Here is the airship. I can only see metal, am I missing something?

You can see the fight between Tarrlok and Korra again, most of his attacks missed and Korra wasn't doing much, most of them she was stand still.

If CM explode the explosives it can backfire him, it'll create a bigger explosion and bigger and bigger (like a napalm, sort of) that he won't have control, so it has the possibility to explode your team. About Toph claim, he still shot multiple times and the temple did not crumble, maybe he could do it like the wind can level a mountain.

King Bumi blocked just one stream of fire with no concussive force, it's a good feat but not the same case here.


Asami make turns, dodge and all, that I know. I'm saying that she never flew in a continuous small circles around and around. She needs to do something like that to keep close to your team, if she can't eventually she will fly to a place distant to your team so she can make a wider turn to go back to your base.

To CM shot us down Asami needs to fly in a straight line with no variation of movement, otherwise it'll happen like the time when Zuko dropped on CM, his aim was lost and the explosion went to a complete different direction, the same happened to P'Li when attacked by Kai. So while she flies like take, it'll make easier to my team to take it down.

Appa will be flying at the same speed of the plane so it'll be easier to hit your team than it was to Eska and Desna, way more easy. Also we will have enough range to do all the attacks needed, just one actually.


We never saw a dragon carrying more than 2 persons at the same time, and we never saw someone bending riding a dragon. So we don't know if carrying more than 2 persons will hinder his flying ability or not.

Tarrlok isn't a psychic bender, he never bended without using his arms. And while King Bumi can bend with his face there is nothing that implies that he can do everything he can with just his face, so we can't assume that he can ride a dragon that high and bring rocks and throw them neither.

Zuko claims

Zuko also said that every Red Lotus member could beat any other bender alone, and them together would destroy the world. We know what happened after that. So I can't believe in everything he says.

@arcus Can we start talk about post eruption battle?

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I think that once that Vaatu was destroyed he will reborn inside of Raava, right? And Raava is bonded to the Avatar, so I think that from that moment the avatar can go evil.