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@fenderxx said:

I loved the first issue, and cant wait to read this one when I get home.

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I would like to see Dial H with Doom Patrol

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Stops at Red Tornado

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Hey, look! bats and supes in a batless and superless earth... again

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Well, they are ninjas but also Teenager and that is a huge thing as important as being ninja so it make sense that hey want to use sneakers, hoodies and glasses

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After this battle Bruce will forget his child trauma of bats and will adopt a new symbol for fear, starting calling himself Squirrelman.

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Ultimate Popeye

After the death of Olive Oyl the brave old sailor lost his reason for living and began to wander around the world. In vain he tryed to forget his sorrow by eating spinach, since that day he has been eating spinach. After eating all spinach in the world he started to search and eat spinach on other planets. Once he reached the end of the universe Eugene the Jeep appeared at him and said that that was others Olive Oyl in the multiverse. Popeye made Eugene to teleport them to another universe, there he talked to Olive but she didn't want anything to him because she was already in love with her Popeye. The sailor become mad and killed the other version of him and ate all spinach in this universe too. This story repeated several times, in some cases Olive was in love with Bluto/Brutus. After transversing all the multiverse Popeye became hopeless once again. Few years later Eugene with all Swee'Pea of the multiverse appeared at his doorstep crying and calling him for help, that encounter remembered Popeye of his duty and responsibility, realizing that Olive would like to him to carry on and take care of Swee'Pea, so trying to honor his lover memory and redeem him self of his past action he vowed to protect the multiverse and all Swee'Pea and Olive Oyl that exist.


After eating all the available spinach of the multiverse Popeye embodied all the power of spinach. He can move galaxies blowing, suck all the water of the planet in a second, turn off the sun with his bare hands, juggle with planets, invulnerable to physical, energy, magical, time and reality-warping attacks, cross the universe in a second, can survive in any environment with no need to sleep, eat, breath or drink, travel throw multiverse by sheer strength, minor reality warping and time manipulation via fists etc

High End Feats:

He demanded Ultimate SwampThing to turn spinach, after he ate Ultimate Spinach Thing he one-shot the evil counter-part of Ultimate universe.

He won a arm-wrestling against Ultimate Superman, Thor, Grundy, WW, Aquaman simultaneously with only one hand.

He punched back Ultimate Goku 2 kamehameha.

He stalemate Ultimate Quicksilver in a race around the multiverse.

Low End Feats:

Killed all Bluto/Brutus and Popeye in the multiverse because he was jealous.

Compulsively ate all spinach of multiverse.

Ate SwampThing.

He didn't finish high school.

He was mind controlled many times.

He knows nothing (he knows less than Jon Snow).

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Spite. Call mods to lock this thread! Everybody knows that Bats has no chance to handle Squirrel Girl! If even Hal Jordan one shot him, how could he stands against someone as might as Squirrel Girl?!

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Why doesn't Wolverine have adamantium teeth?

lol i never thought about that