Young Justice: The Abridged Series

Hey comicvine, haven't posted in awhile but we're back! With a new series! Young Justice: The Abridged Series! Much improved in our break, we hope you enjoy the new show that makes comedic jabs at the actual show and the comics! Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

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Justice League: The Abridged Series web show

Hello, comicvine!  
Many of you no doubt at least know of abridged series online such as the very famous Dragon Ball Z Abridged by TeamFourStar. Abridged series condense series into shorter videos while adding comedic spins to them, so in a nutshell, are parodies. Most successful abridged shows are based off Japanese anime series such as Yugioh, Pokemon, and as already stated, Dragon Ball Z. I have been a comic fan all my life(almost entirely all DC. My Marvel info comes from animated series and the movies so it's much less vast than my knowledge on the DCU) So last year, I decided that I'd create an abridged series based off the popular Justice League animated series that eventually transformed into Justice League Unlimited. We've made 6 episodes now as well as started a Batman Beyond Abridged Series and have a small following of subscribers and viewers. One such viewer left a comment, suggesting ComicVine as a great place to show our series considering how many comic fans or fans of the show there probably are here. I have come to this site many times for new info on things but had never joined so decided that I finally would. So here's our latest episode of Justice League: The Abridged Series: 
Is our show, perfect? Nope. Definitely not. Do I hope you'll get a few laughs out of it? Absolutely. That's all we are attempting to do, give people something that may make them at least a little happier or to get a little chuckle. We're not TeamFourStar quality when it comes to editing but someday we hope we'll improve enough to be somewhere near that level. Our first episode especially has very rough editing since it was only myself just kind of messing around for the first time. There was a drastic improvement in episode 2 according to most viewers(since I now was able to get a crew of like-minded writers and voice actors together) And our latest episode has also been noted as being the best yet, improving on the others.  
In usual comedic fashion, the main cast isn't quite as you'd expect. Superman's heroicness and boyscout attitude has been amplified, Batman is much more aggressive and self-righteous, Green Lantern has to deal all the time with people telling him he's only there to add diversity, Flash has trouble getting respect...from anyone, Wonder Woman has a tendancy to make sexual innuendos without realizing it, Hawkgirl's attitude is completely different, but the biggest change is probably from Martian Manhunter, now a sarcastic alien who absolutely loves to get under Batman's skin. So I hope you enjoy, watch the previous episodes to catch up if you'd like. We're not professionals. We're doing this for fun and to entertain.   
And now that I have a profile here...time to get adding to some characters' information!