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It's not even finished you bum.

I'll get to work eventually. That WoW addiction tho.

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And of course the format is hit with a train.


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The stronghold of dreadlord Warsman, Ragnarok has earned its moniker of 'a floating Hell.' It is an abominable place, where the common people are put into strict working regimens and the elite enjoy a life of endless battle and glory. There are many factors that determine the success of this planet, and they are found across its surface - as well as underneath it.

First, an examination of Warsman's various generals on the surface of Ragnarok, which is surprisingly one of the last places any invading force would be able to visit.

This can be further divided into several sections, as it is arguably the largest. Extending from the Throne of War, across the Ashen Steppes, and back again in perfect circular alignment are many fortresses ruled by Warsman's numerous underlings. These bastions can hold strategic as well as economic value, depending on their location.

The Burning Plateaus

Rising out of the distance on many fronts of Ragnarok are the indomitable Burning Plateaus, stretching for miles in any and all directions. Crackling valleys of blackened stone and rivers of boiling lava are just the beginning, as this is the epicenter of the Furnace of Eternity having displayed its awesome power. It is the heart of the planet, beating raw and bare for all to see. Floating effigies of tormented rock are a constant reminder of that power, as are those who are enslaved to its undeniable will.

The Guardians of the Sacred Fire

Beltohk the Houndmaster

As with any general of Warsman's, Infurion is granted his own group of underlings with which he can plot most of his battles. Beltohk is a cruel creature, born from the innermost depths of Ragnarok and given sentience only for the sake of killing. His monstrous hellhounds Ordos and Argus were created from his fiery blood, making them just as dangerous as he is.

Beltohk acts as field commander for the Burning Plateaus, and is always the first one encountered during battles there. Comparatively, he is the smallest champion faced in the Burning Plateaus, but he is nevertheless incredibly dangerous on any battlefield.

"War! War for the Lord of Battles!"

Fallen Titan Ignis

Ignis used to be part of the former ruling class of Ragnarok, but the advent of the First Warsman overtook their regime and replaced it with the apocalyptic visage that Ragnarok has become.

Ignis is little more than a slave to Warsman now, obeying his word over Infurion's.

Nevertheless, he acts as gatekeeper for the Bastion of Endless Fire where Infurion makes his lair. His considerable power makes up for his general lack of superhuman intelligence and speed.

His deadliest attacks affect large areas, making him a dangerous opponent as the bridge he is fought on is rather small, leaving very little room for error.

"None shall pass."

Mother of Dragons Karthana

The first encounter within the Bastion of Endless Fire itself belongs to Karthana, the former queen of Ragnarok and brood mother of the fire drakes that Warsman enjoys making use of in his campaigns. Karthana is as ruthless as Warsman is, but prefers to watch over her children.

She is found in the nesting grounds for her broodlings, and acts as first lieutenant as well as flight commander. Not surprisingly, she often takes to the air during the battle and swarms over her opponents with large gouts of flame. Interlopers should beware that her drakes will attack in large numbers once she takes to the air. Her stage is large, making for absolute chaos.

"My children deserve only the best."

Terrakron of the Molten Hand

The largest, by far, of the champions in the Burning Plateaus is Terrakron. He is the fourth encounter in sequence, as well as the second to last (excluding Infurion himself). Once Karthana is defeated, her death throes attract the monster's attention from the inner depths of the Furnace Gates. His roars can be heard from far below Karthana's encounter area, and the invaders have to make their way past the guards assigned to protect Terrakron's hall. From there, it is the sheer size of Terrakron that would dissuade any further interference.

It is speculated that Terrakron is responsible for lighting the Bastion of Endless Fire, but it does not die out after he is defeated - or if he is. Terrakron is special in that once he is wounded, smaller versions of himself are born out of the molten blood, making this fight just as chaotic as Karthana's except without her resourcefulness and cunning.



Making up the last encounter before Infurion, Magnos is Terrakron's brainer half. In fact, he is Terrakron's brain, removed so that the beast could be infused with further physical enhancements. Magnos is a bit more dangerous than Terrakron, as he sits in a bath of molten lava that he can manipulate to his various whims. The encounter sees the intruders hopping from rocky outcropping to rocky outcropping as each as destroyed in sequence to Magnos' ferocity. Strict planning is required so that the intruders do not trap themselves while they fight the molten giant.

He has a special ability that causes the ceiling to quake, effectively creating an avalanche that does not destroy an outcropping, but knocks those standing on them into the lava bath if they are not already jumping to a new one.

"Come down and play with Magnos!"

Infurion, Master of the Furnace, Keeper of the Immortal Flame, Phoenix Lord

The proudest of Ragnarok's generals is a former advocate for Warsman's arrest and execution. Having grown up under the shadow of an antiquated and bigoted Eldar society, Infurion had to hide his pyromania from the judging eyes of his peers. This paranoia grew even further upon his ascension to the title of prince. His homeworld fell under attack once he reached adulthood, and he saw the perpetrator as none other than Warsman. He tried to avenge the deaths of his parents, but was soundly defeated. Finding the spark of resilience mildly amusing, Warsman gave him a way to teleport to Ragnarok directly, if he should even grow stronger and attempt to challenge him again.

This ignited Infurion's hunger for revenge and self-improvement. He hid his pyromania deep inside again, replacing it temporarily with a need for training. Fifteen years passed, and he finally felt prepared for the journey to Ragnarok. Upon arriving, however, the sight and sounds of the burning metropolis lured his temptations out for the first time in over a decade. The sensation, maddening to say the least, brought Infurion to his knees in delight of the sheer beauty of the fires before him.

Warsman found him there, crying in joy, and offered him a place as Knight of the Furnace. Soon enough, Infurion became the new Master of the Furnace after slaying his former superior in combat. His ruthless nature only beginning to surface, he tried to keep face and devoted his violent tendencies to when he was under the helmet as the Red Knight of Ragnarok. Otherwise, he was still calm and collected Infurion.

Or so he likes to think.

Warsman has augmented Infurion considerably, giving him superhuman capabilities.

Infurion fights with a large flamethrower as well as a plasma axe, two weapons that mean he fights in close quarters most of the time. When wounded, however, he disengages and uses an ability called Lava Plume, which brings up torrents of molten rock from underneath the floor of his stage. This melts through the floor, leaving a hole that the intruders have to avoid. This pattern can possibly continue until there is basically no floor left if Infurion is not defeated in time, making the encounter a damage race as well as a difficult battle altogether.

"I am Infurion, Phoenix Lord. I shall rise out of the ashes of this battle, and return stronger than ever. Nothing you do can change that!"

The Dead Haunts

A vile and inhospitable wasteland, the Dead Haunts are a perfect place for the Furies to practice their unmatchable skills in assassination and killing. The art of murder has been passed down from the first Banshee Queen, the fabled First Killer who took the life of her god and was banished into unlife for it. Her spirit is said to wander until a new, eligible Banshee Queen is ready. Her bloodlust is inflicted upon the child, and she slays her own parents, destined to live her life in the Dead Haunts forever.



Once a paladin of the Eldar, Cealeise had been enamored with Infurion early in her career. She supported him during his trials on his way to facing Warsman again, and she lost the most faith once she realized just how weak Infurion truly was. Seeking revenge, Cealeise challenged Warsman to Lok'tha - honorable combat, winner take all. She wagered her life against Warsman's, and seemed to be winning. Despite her great skill in fighting, Warsman bested her with a single blow, almost killing her outright in the process. He decided to save her by forcibly attaching her soul back to her body, turning her into a Fury - something between death and life, with only the capacity for cold-blooded murder.

Her encounter in the Wailing Depths involves keeping up with her speed, as well as dodging her traps. An interesting ability of hers is called "Disappointment," which happens once or twice per encounter. Her attack speed automatically doubles, coming close to Jindaela's own blistering speed, but only for a short time.



Little is known of Artekhan before her death and reincarnation. Due to her unique bovine appearance, she seems to be part of an unidentified species discovered and possibly destroyed a very long time ago. Artekhan acts as the powerhouse of the Furies, and her strength telepathically translates to her Deathcharger mount, enabling her to perform combat on a strictly horseback basis.

Her name even seems derivative of Genghis Khan.

Regardless, Artekhan requires constant attention during the battle. Much like the giants in the Burning Plateaus, Artekhan is capable of large area of effect destruction. Her stage is also startlingly small, making these attacks even more dangerous as the intruders are left with very little room with which to maneuver.

Also, making cow jokes is not advised.

"Be glad I am in a merciful mood."


The wild berserker of the family, Thaemis wields two weapons instead of the large two-handers that the other Furies use. This allows her to close in comparatively quicker, breaking a target's resolve before killing them outright. Thaemis can frighten her opponents perhaps better than any other Fury, lending to her talent for wrangling them into position so that her clan members can finish them off properly.

Fighting Thaemis boils down to knowing her arena, which has plenty of dark spots for her to vanish into. Pinpointing these locations before she hides is essential, otherwise she can move around at will.



Unlike many other encounters, Kyasin and Ysmara are fought together. Kyasin is the bruiser of the two, wielding a large two-handed hammer that has the special ability to rend armor and cause cracks in the floor. These cracks can be further emphasized by Ysmara's frost magic, which can lead to large spikes emerging at planned intervals.

In order to win, Kyasin needs to go down first or else the cracks will just multiply and Ysmara will be able to launch more ice projectiles from below the ground. If Ysmara is defeated first, Kyasin will go into a blood rage and start attacking with twice as much speed. She will also recover from any damage dealt in the first half of the battle, making it that much more difficult to defeat her.

"Blood and Ice!"


Ysmara and Kyasin were orphans left in the Dead Haunts to rot and die. They only had each other to depend on, until the Banshee Queen took them in. There, they learned not only how to survive, but take revenge on those who wronged them. They eventually found their parents and dealt out their own definition of justice.

It was the only time Ysmara saw Kyasin cry.

Fighting Ysmara and Kyasin can be a challenge, but defeating Kyasin first is key as explained earlier. Ysmara goes into a modified blood rage, but one that is not nearly as potent as Kyasin's. Her ice lances become more frequent, but depending on how early Kyasin is defeated this is not nearly as much of a problem as it could be.

"Blood and Ice!"

Jindaela, Mistress of the Wraithbone, Watcher of the Haunts, Banshee Queen

Before the current Warsman, there existed Ultherian. As a fallen paladin, he became much more sensitive to the pleasures denied to him by his class. One of these pleasures was the company of a consort. He chose the then-queen of the Eldar, Jindaela, who gave herself willingly so that Ultherian would not destroy her people. Instead, he simply shattered them across their many colonized worlds. Heartbroken, Jindaela suffered on Ragnarok for seventeen years until Ultherian died at the hands of Warren Spencer, who became the new Warsman. Expecting the same treatment, she was slightly relieved once Warsman proved himself uninterested with her body. He saw within her a brilliant mind, however, and gave her the opportunity for revenge against those who ravaged her along with Ultherian.

Training her to be his top assassin, Warsman bestowed upon Jindaela a new purpose: the purpose of murder. It was then that the fabled blood hunger of the Banshee Queen set in within Jindaela, transforming her into a machine of war. With the final perpetrator of the heinous crimes brought to a final, insatiably sweet, justice, Jindaela still felt empty. Rather than find out why, she committed herself to darker acts of depraved violence. The Curse of the Banshee Queen had set in, and she could not be stopped.

Jindaela is a more difficult fight than Infurion based on pure mechanical design alone. There are so many ways Jindaela can incapacitate and wipe out a team through sheer speed alone that it's almost mesmerizing. The fact that she is also relatively strong means that she is a blitzing blockbuster, one of the most fearsome combinations to face. Added to this, she is a cunning and resourceful fighter, making use of dozens - if not hundreds - of unique and dangerous weapons, traps, poisons, and machines over the course of her encounter. That said, she is the very definition of a glass cannon and will fall easily if she stops moving for long enough.

"Your death will not be swift, but that doesn't mean you'll catch me. No one will ever catch me again. I can promise you that."

Updates later maybe.

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If that's the case, then Warsman's eyes should have stats of their own too lol

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Looks like you'd be a good fight when we get to it.

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Mostly 7's across the board, only he's not completely omniscient.

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