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I wonder how long these insects will last against our combined might.

Their souls will burn

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Warsman, the Xelu'tari, the Infernal Phalanx, and any other associative party up to and including the Eight Gods of Ancient Chaos would not be a suitable fit for this council.

They would be concerned with draining any planet they come into contact with of resources, life, and destroying it shortly afterwards.

It would be like putting a grenade in with a box of garage tools.

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I suppose we can mix up raid progression.

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Just a little note about your post, we're not commanding armies here.

This is a team-based attack on the Dead Haunts raiding zone as detailed in the main Ragnarok thread, boss mechanics and mobs included. It's a progressive thing with loot drops that necessitates teamwork.

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This makes an interesting step in Skellbrieg lore, considering Ebonfrost was once in the possession of Emperor Otto von Doom of Elysia.

Very interesting indeed.

Maybe it consumed him as well...

That will be explored later, for now...


And the Ancient Ones hunger...

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(pun intended)

How about a Korgon prince spurned from the throne and who tried to win his country back, finding the journey harder than expected. Backed into a corner, he finds clues about a runeblade somewhere in the mountains and uses it out of desperation. Its power is too much for him to handle, and he falls to the whispers of Ebonfrost - the cursed lynchpin of the Desecrated.

Korgon becomes a desolate wasteland, a sacrifice to the Overlord of the Damned.


Interesting piece of Skellbrieg lore, the Desecrated are not weapons of the Infernal Phalanx. It was created as a weapon against the Phalanx by the first Overlord of the Damned, Sergei Karnov. But the power of the artifact he used to start the Desecrated plague proved too strong for him to handle. His soul was bartered among the various demon lords of Fargate until he became one of the Seats of Chaos based on his sins in life and the sacrifices he made to attain such power.

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Lore-wise, there has been an Overlord of the Damned. Emperor Doom killed him and took Ebonfrost back to Elysia.

Winter War in the OP is all about the attack on Korgon, which opened the floodgates between the Frigid South and Midland. Ever since then, the Desecrated (Scourge) has run rampant, paving the way for an invasion from the Worldscar by the Infernal Phalanx.

Resistance from Skellbrieg's natives has been hard, however.

It might just take another Overlord of the Damned to break them.