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Innermost Desires

  • Warsman is a powerful Xelu'tari warrior-mage from beyond time and space
  • He specializes in blood magic and sorceries of the flesh
  • The longer a fight goes on with him involved, the more likely he is to win
  • He can accumulate wounds and keep fighting, because he will never stop
  • His fists will shatter on unbreakable faces, but his blood will wash other them in the process
  • An ability he has called Fleshcrawl causes that blood to sizzle and seep into the pores, infecting his opponent with a crippling, agonizing pain
  • He can cause other bloods to sizzle and fry the target from the inside-out in this way
  • That being said, another ability of his called Bloodquake is a large pulsating wave of blood, washing over his opponents and allowing him to fry them through Fleshcrawl
  • Blackened Earth is another ability of his, and allows Warsman to infect a selected patch of ground with the Feast effect
  • Corpses start to wriggle and writhe on that spot of land, arms and faces all flailing upward in a blind effort to consume those above them
  • This effect is stackable, meaning he is able to lay down multiple Feast effects at once
  • Blood Orgy is a dangerous ability of Warsman's and perhaps his deadliest
  • While in a one-on-one fight, Warsman can succumb to his berserker rage and start attacking with reckless abandon, breaking his own body on his foe if they are stronger than him or beating his opponent to a pulp
  • Regardless of any outcome, he will not stop attacking
  • Defenses, blocks, parries, dodges, everything is moot at this point
  • For the next ten seconds, if you are in melee range with Warsman, you are as good as dead
  • Once he snaps out of Blood Orgy, the resulting gore is his masterpiece to paint with as many Fleshcrawl uses as he wants
  • Warsman is a conduit for blood and gore, violent outbursts, and a walking battlefield
  • Through Engorge, he can regenerate at an astonishing rate at the cost of some of the blood he has spilled, whether it is his own or if it came from another
  • He makes frequent use of this, and has shown to replace entire functioning body parts based on a single red blood cell
  • Bloodgreed is a supplemental spell, allowing Warsman to increase his physical strength, durability, and speed by leaps and bounds with each blood sacrifice
  • This is applicable to others, but the effects could prove deadly if not handled by a true blood mage
  • Sanguis Ignis, "Blood Ignite," is a strange ability where Warsman changes the composition of his blood and the blood he absorbs to be similar to napalm
  • He is therefore able to freely burn everything in his path for as long as he is able to keep casting Engorge to heal himself
  • Sanguis Ignis also changes the effects of every spell except for Fleshcrawl, which behaves similarly regardless
  • Bloodquake is a large seismic wave of fiery death extending in a circular pattern on the ground
  • Blackened Earth's Feast effect causes the corpses summoned to the field to be immolated and screaming, but still functioning
  • While under the effects of Blood Orgy, Warsman's body undergoes a severe increase in heat and fire to the point of causing severe burns just by standing near his opponents
  • Contrary to popular belief, Warsman does not require blood to survive
  • Therefore, he does not require nutrients
  • Whatever he has to sustain his monstrous stamina is self-producing and potentially limitless

Chaotic Majesty

  • Warsman's very touch absorbs the blood and flesh of lesser beings, tearing away entire chunks of bodies he comes into contact with in an instant
  • These attacks are also how Warsman "drinks" blood, as he is considered to be a vampire by definition and not by practice
  • The more he absorbs, the more he can abuse his Fleshcrawl ability
  • Because of his unnatural biology, Warsman's bones are constantly washed in fresh and hot blood
  • This makes them more flexible than normal bone and even if he does manage to bend them to their breaking point, they regenerate through Engorge almost instantly
  • Thanks to Engorge, there is no real sense of self-preservation within the Xelu'tari warlord
  • He can freely attack and continue attacking recklessly, spilling his blood across the entire battlefield and therefore commanding it all through Fleshcrawl and Blackened Earth
  • Nothing is off-limits to him at that point, so those looking to defeat him through bodily mutilation will be stunned at this truly sinister strategy

The World in his Hands

  • Much like the Golem of Prague and Freddie Dio, there is a spirit that haunts Warsman's footsteps
  • It is not a real Fable, more of a manufactured one on the behalf of the dark wizards of the Xelu'tari hierarchy
  • Due in part to Warsman's own physical perfection, the fighting abilities of his phantom ally are much the same except in one very important regard
  • The phantom possesses the elusive power to stop time in its tracks, but only for five second intervals and then again every five minutes
  • This cooldown is hardly a factor, as it allows Warsman to attack freely, set up traps, or move into positions in the battle itself that put him at a distinct advantage
  • With both Warsman and the spirit he has dubbed "Sunrise Rhapsody" at the helm of devising an opponent's utter destruction, there are few if any who are capable of overcoming them

The Furnace of Eternity

  • The legacy of Warsman has been passed down from the first and now to Klovis through the transplantation of the eyes
  • They are a portal to the endless void, where the power of the Furnace comes from
  • With the Furnace, Warsman is able to accomplish many feats that are thought of to be impossible in the modern world
  • With but a glance, he can manipulate matter, change water to blood, or erase any given subject of his vision from existence

His real name is Klovis Tepes Dracula.

One of the many bastard sons of the infamous Vladimir Tepes Dracula, everyone around him sensed that Klovis was...different. He dipped his hands into the arcane from an early age, condemning all other practices. He seemed drawn to something beyond those pages, and eventually disappeared from the world entirely under mysterious circumstances.

Now, he has returned at the forefront of a demonic incursion from beyond the fabric of our reality. Where he went, none can truly say except for him. But he is more dangerous than ever, and willing to go to any lengths to ensure that the bloody reign he intends to invoke upon humanity - and all life in this universe - shall last forever.

Artwork of the Flesh


Base Stats:

Agility: 6

Durability: 6

Energy Projection: 5

Fighting Ability: 6

Intelligence: 5

Mental Power: 5

Speed: 5

Stamina: 7

Strength: 7