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World at War








Warsman used to be a hero. All it took was a series of unfortunate events to turn him into an irredeemable monster. Now he stalks reality, hunting down alternate versions of himself from different timelines and dimensions. It is his hypothesis that by doing so, he will break the prophecy regarding his namesake and reign invincible as the one true Warsman.







  • Name: Warsman (formerly Warren Spencer Manhardt)
  • Height: 14' 7"
  • Weight: 1,096 lbs
  • Eye color: burning red
  • Hair color: none
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian (formerly)
  • Nationality: United States of America (formerly)
  • Origin: artificially-created metahuman ascended to godhood
  • Sexuality: asexual (formerly homosexual)
  • Alignment: lawful evil (formerly neutral good)
  • Base of Operations: Ragnarok, the mobile war planet


Superhuman Strength

Warsman is terrifyingly strong. His upper limits have yet to be realized, but he usually exercises his monstrous power with such reckless abandon that the limits keep changing. His ruthless nature never lends to him showing mercy in combat. A simple strike for him can crack planets in half or at least severely scar them. Because of this, opponents never tend to last very long. It is very easy to imagine him well outside the range of Class 100 due to his infamy as a galaxy buster.

To fight Warsman in the realm of pure physical combat is folly, plain and simple.

Superhuman Durability

The durability of the world killer is something of a mystery.

First and foremost, he is nearly invulnerable to blunt force trauma. Punches and the like will fall short of actually catching his attention, let alone damaging him to any noticeable degree. Only strikes from someone of comparable strength to him will start to garner his immediate retaliation. Even then, his monstrous physicality would warrant a very short fight indeed.

In the realm of molecular assaults, such as radiation and heat, Warsman seems to fare rather well as evidenced when he plowed through the Earth's core multiple times and during his fight with Guy Geller who abused fusion blasts comparable to the Earth's Sun. All forms of energy, theoretically, cannot harm him to the extent of death or even serious injury. Considering his mild dismissal of the fusion reaction used against him, it can also be hypothesized that this immunity could carry up to the level of white stars. Again, this is mere speculation due to his past experiences with wiping out galaxies as well as entire universes in his home dimension.

He seems curiously immune to the effects of bloodbending, which will be explained in another section.

As far as pressure points are concerned, unless the practitioner is extremely strong to the point of matching Warsman's physical output, there is no possible way for them to agitate the nerve endings under his thick skin. The fight would logically follow a surgical attack on his "softer" body parts, including eyes, ears, and testicles. Again, this would end in tragedy if his opponent is not strong or experienced in combat enough to actually make these attacks work or to deal with the tyrant's harsh retribution.

Furnace of Eternity

Perhaps the greatest weapon Warsman possesses is the one he received after tearing out Ultherian's eyes to replace his own. They were once bound to an ancient aspect of the universe, one of the primordial concepts of reality. Some speculate they are actually its heart, split into two so that their possessor can map out the stars to their liking. The sheer power of the eyes themselves cause mortal men to shudder in fear. One glance can be likened to the heat of hellfire kissing one's bones, but the reality is much harsher.

The beams of energy that Warsman shoots from his eyes are closer to matter disintegration beams on a scale unimaginable by modern science. Far beyond the heat of a white dwarf star, more intense than a black hole ripping one's molecules apart, it is the Furnace of Eternity, splitting soul from flesh, rending apart atoms and forcing them back together, leaving nothing in the wake of the carnage. Few have ever stood up to the Furnace, one of them being Geller, but the end results were just as bad as pure annihilation.

Warsman uses the Furnace to dispose of those he deems unworthy of actual hand-to-hand combat. Even more terrifying is the fact that he is able control the beams independently, in both direction and speed, allowing for impossible trajectories and traps twisting with alternating patterns.

The Furnace that burns inside of him is also responsible for literally merging with his biology, making him more than mortal. Even his blood has been altered by the cosmic substance.