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So I was thinking about going back to this. Would anyone be interested in hearing some more about Adam's covert adventures?

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I really want to see characters that I know on the show, not made up characters. Marvel has a character for any and all situations. There is no reason to make up new characters. Give me Powerman, Task Master, and Ms. Marvel!

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Doomsday. C'mon, he killed Supes.

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Manchester Black

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Jim Lee's X-Men #1 cover is X-Men for me. Growing up with the cartoon and arcade game, this is my childhood summed up in one glorious splash cover.

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@guardiandevil83: Awesome! I will have to finish up #4 now that I have some encouragement.

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I think the number and intesnis of powers can get kind of lame. If he was just a flying brick with maybe heat vision then I would be happier. But as things are he does everything better than everyone. He's stronger than strength heroes, faster than speed heroes (except maybe the Flash but even that is sometimes debatable), he's super-intelligent (depending on the writer), he shoots lasers from his eyes as powerful as anyone else's energy projection, he has freeze breath, can see or hear on a level that is closer to cosmic awareness and the classic x-ray vision. In addition to being effectively invincible and immortal. I don't have a problem with him having these powers, but being better than everyone at everything is just not very intriguing.

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really want to read astro city but can't find it in a digital format. Any suggestions?

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@mcklayn said:

@jonsmith said:

If you had a choice between fighting someone with the concussive force of a tank missile coming out of his eye sockets, or fighting the same person with A NUKE COMING OUT OF HIS FACE, which would you prefer?

Even if Magneto can control Scott's visor, Scott can control his blasts with the visor. Without it?

This would happen to Magneto. It is literally a difference between: "GUYS, DO THIS, THIS, AND THIS SO WE CAN BARELY WIN!" or "GUYS HE GOT MY VISOR! Get behind me." Even if it doesn't get through Magneto's shields, it'll still destroy a LOT of his environment, and probably knock a lot of Magneto's ammunition out of range.

exactly my point, yes it would impede scott to some degree, but the way it shows him and how familiar he is with his environment, and how tactical he can be i wouldn't chance, sure he might stand there and cover his eyes and hope not to hit some one, or he just might send a Nuke up your ass, is it really worth the risk?

I don't read X-men often but I happened across this comic one day and have been a Cyclops fan ever since.

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I mean, he was kind of the scrappy anyway wasn't he?