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It's not a reboot, it's a short movie that may or may not become a real movie.

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which definitely should be made
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Well, that was supposed to be a pitch for a full-length movie for WB, so let's just wait for the next development

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This is actually a pretty interesting take on the Mortal Kombat series.  
Deadpool in the Wolverine movie looks more like Baraka than that guy does though.... 

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@Gambit1024 said:
"This is actually a pretty interesting take on the Mortal Kombat series.   Deadpool in the Wolverine movie looks more like Baraka than that guy does though....  "

lol true
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It was officially said to be nothing more then a fake trailer from a Hollywood movie maker who got some of his friends together (the actors) and made the clip.

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@NightFang said:
"It's not a reboot, it's a short movie that may or may not become a real movie. "

Pretty much  ^ it's just a pitch done by a director to WB, WB has said they have some interest but so far nothing is green lit. Ed Boon, creator of MK has said it's a cool concept and done well he thought but also sees it as "an alternate universe MK" compared to the game, that pitch took a more "Dark Knight" approach to MK. Example, Baraka and Reptile aren't even human...but in this idea pitch they are. They're just two psycho killers lol.
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@MKF30: That works better in a movie, i mean, so far the best video game based movie is Tekken, i mean if you watch the movie you notice was done with 20 millions bucks, and still the characters look like the characters, the martial arts stunts are good in some moments and not bad in other moments.
I mean after the director of Mortal Kombat decide to do, the Resident Evil ones, he is going down, i mean those movies sucked, i know people liked the second one, but he wasnt the director of that one, that was, why that one was a good movie.
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Didnt even know Tekken had a movie. 


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O and by the way. I think they should do this movie. It looks better than the orginal.
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@Deathpool, Tekken was one of the worst man lol. Even the Tekken creators said they had nothing to do with it and were horrible....when the creator of the franchise states that, you know it's bad...I also saw a bootleg version...it wasn't that great, MK and RE were 10x better(the first movies) Stunts are important keep in mind dude, storyline accurate to the game is the most important. First MK did this very well as did Silent Hill...the rest go off into their own worlds of "movie versions" and often disappoints.
SF movies were horrible, the second MK movie was bad and done by an idiot, other RE weren't the best, DOA was a softcore porn as far as I'm concerned lol, Doom was a joke...most vid game movies suck flat out. 
Except for MK 1, Silent Hill and the first RE movie.

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@MKF30: I see the MK when i was young, the stunt looked really really bad even for the time, i only liked Goro, Shang(That is Heiachi in Tekken) and Johnny Cage, the rest of the movie i was, like damn and i think Mario Bros was bad, at least Mario movvie was so bizarre that it was funny for all the wrong reasons.
Tekken was made with 20 million bucks, i mean it was a low budget movie.
I mean, movie version of the character are a better idea, i give thank to the guys of the Legend of Chun Li, by the fact they try to do something new, bit sucked, yes, but at least they try to do something with the franchise.
DOA games are softcore porn, Doom was cool only when the Rock becomes a monster and Karl Urban become Captain America, the rest of the movie is plain.
Is sad.
But Tekken for much it sucked is the less worst of all the video game movies.
And i dont going to talk about Max Payne
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Dude, MK had awesome stunts lol and was done by one of the best choreographers at the time in Karate Movies...and stunts aren't everything anyway, like I said the acting and storyline is in which MK stomped every other vid game movie at the time, and still the best are MK, Silent Hill and first RE. Tomb Raider wasn't bad either. The rest are crap in comparison. 
And honestly I find it a little amusing that every other fighter movie has used MK actors like Robin Shoe in DOA and SF:CL, Cary(Shang) in Tekken, the guy who played Scorpion and Baraka in the MK short pitch to WB also were in Tekken... 
The first MK movie was awesome by far, Tekken like I said was crap and even the Tekken creator said it sucked...that's bad when the creator of a series says that.. lol

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and thats why nintendo said after they saw the abomination that is the super mario bros film they wont do another video game film ever again
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Super Mario film was horrible, MK was not. That's the difference..
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the first Mortal Kombat film was good... the Second one sucked... Shao Kahn looked like a damn fool in that movie and thats only scratching the surface... :P
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Yeah, the first MK I was referring to(the second one was bad on so many levels, I can be here for days explaining what was wrong with it lol)