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Lol, I'll say no as well..... I have images of the Doom movie floating through my head now... : (

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HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

well said i agree!!!!
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if done right then it could be great
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halo is on hold. it will take awhile before it gets made.
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@joshmightbe said:
"if done right then it could be great "

WELL THERE'S AN EXAPLE ON YOUTUBE called "arms race full 8 minutes" halo movie much, its good, watch it!
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"if done right then it could be great "
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hell yes it should be made! with Avatar being such a big hit and the new technology they created for it, they could do WONDERS with the film. the last excuse i heard was that they couldnt find a good story, which is BS. they've written HOW many books now? just pick one and go with it -facepalm-

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I think it would be a really cool movie.  The Fall of reach would make a pretty good film, it gives good background.

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After seeing AvatarDistrict-9, why don't Halo be next?

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no,it will suck like most video games movies
i am in for an OVA or something like that,but not a movie

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If it's good, why not?

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@NightFang: i must say district-9 was a very annoying movie ha

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They tried it and ran out of money if I remember rightly